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Poorly lo- feel helpless

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Sun1983 Wed 09-Nov-16 08:52:16

My lo is 9month really chesty cough making him strain it's that full on, snotty and wheezy. Doc said wouldn't give antibiotics unless he'd had it 14 days. And put it down to virus. He's on calpol, snuffle babe in his cot and chest, and nasal spray. God I feel so helpless he's in such a little state with himself the cough is awful. Anything else I can do?

babypeach Wed 09-Nov-16 20:16:09

We used a steam vapouriser which really helped with our dd who had recurrent hideous coughs that would end in her vomiting.
Also bringing into bathroom and running hot shower.
Tilting cot slightly up at head to help the snot drain.
never had much success myself but you can get snot sucker things either a bulb or ones that you suck it out into a little cleanable filter.

I sympathise it is very distressing hope it clears soon xx

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