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how do you do it? Leaving clingy toddler

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iwantauser1234name Mon 07-Nov-16 22:05:05

DD is 2. I am mostly a SAHM. I spend as much time as I can with her, but I also need to work sometimes and I also need half a day off occasionally. And when I try to leave her with the nanny, or DH or my parents, she screams the house down and climbs up me.

Today was one such time. I was trying to change into work clothes, get my bag together, load the car. And she was in front of me, clinging to my legs. The screaming and crying was so loud I couldn't think what I needed and I ended up forgetting something very important. She was so pinned to my legs, every time I tried to move I would inadvertently knock her over and she'd fall very dramatically and cry even more.

I try to say bye and mummy's coming back later, but it gets drowned out by screams.

Even when I was in the car and the engine was running and I was about to reverse out of the drive, I could hear her screaming the house down, crying "mummy" and "nooooooooo."

It ruins any day I have. How can I enjoy myself after I've experienced that? And I find myself never really relaxing and rushing back out of guilt. What could I be doing differently?

Smartleatherbag Mon 07-Nov-16 22:11:19

Aw, it's hard. However, it's totally normal and a sign of healthy attachment. She'll be fine with her caregiver, if they are hugging and comforting her. Just do what you are doing, but try your best to know she's well and happy. It bodes well for good mental health in her future. Whatever you are doing, you're doing it right.

waterrat Tue 08-Nov-16 18:28:04

Both my children were like that at exactly that age. Please don't let it spoil your day. .It's so imprtant that children learn to trust a group of caring adults not just you. I worked from when mine were little si I just had to walk out on them during this phase. It's not nice but I found leaving hard but once I qas out snd they were settled and happy I relaxed !

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