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3 year old clingy, 39 weeks pregnant

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Knowwhatimeanjellybean Mon 07-Nov-16 09:39:47

I am currently 39 weeks pregnant & my daughter has become increasingly clingy. We have communicated with her a lot towards the end of this pregnancy and she is aware but I think she knows something big is going to happen soon.
It's starting to stress me out and I am getting quite angry with her which then makes me feel guilty. For example, we live very close to my parents and up until I started maternity leave my mum looked after her 2 days and also brought her to nursery 2 days (I was off the other day) but now she won't let my mum bring her anywhere and is pretty rude about it, preferring me all the time. I'm dreading the reaction when the baby comes and her still wanting me to bring her to nursery/give her undivided attention.
She's pretty smart and probably slightly spoiled being our first and also first grandchild, first neice...
Sticker charts don't work angry

Beachmum85 Tue 08-Nov-16 09:48:48

OMG I feel your pain! I just wrote this post yesterday:

I'm exhausted, aching, grouchy beyond belief and a little fed up of playing/ trying to come up with fun activities for DD.

Since I stopped work (which I do from home anyway) DH has assumed that he can get on with work (our joint company) and I'll look after DD1, all day every day. Of course I am enjoying these precious days with DD, but she is an incredibly anxious child, and we have spent the last year building up her confidence to start at pre-school (which she did in Sept, but is still a traumatic drop-off). We have also made a real effort for her to spend time with Daddy, because if not, she is glued to me like a little limpet (to the point where I can't even go to the loo/ shower alone).

This is happening again now!! Just before baby arrives!! And I struggling with it. I'm stressing out that she won't be able to cope when baby is here, and I cannot be with her 24/7. I'm also worried about the day/night we will be away to actually have baby... argh! Oh, and did I mention I'm exhausted?

I feel like DH just isn't helping the situation, and if I bring it up for the millionth time, he's going to just get annoyed... help!

Ginger4justice Tue 08-Nov-16 10:04:10

I had a bigger gap so my DD was older but she got better once her baby brother was here. I think you're right, she knew something was up, even though she knew it was a baby it was too abstract. But once he was here and there wasn't a go bag by the front door etc her stress levels reduced massively. So it might not be as bad as you are thinking it will be. Hopefully someone will come along with more practical advice too.

kiki22 Tue 08-Nov-16 13:25:39

My son done the exact same thing before DS2 was born he was like a stalker every time I turned around he was there hanging from me it passed once the baby came and he became obsessed with daddy for a few weeks then it all settled back to normal.

Knowwhatimeanjellybean Fri 11-Nov-16 21:59:21

Thank you all for replies, I have been busy this week giving birth! Little boy born early Wednesday morning and all good. Came home yesterday and my DD was pretty overwhelmed saying she wanted to get into bed with me and the baby and 'sticky tape' the bed up so that we were all together (no mention of poor dh!) and today she hit him! Dh dealt with it by taking her out of the room to time out and back with apologies but I have to admit I cried! Hormones I know and she didn't see me cry but now we're both overwhelmed! Baby was fine of course but I think the next few weeks will be a struggle!

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