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White pupil in photograph

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pumpkinpumkin Sun 06-Nov-16 19:31:55

I took two photographs of my 8m daughter in quick succession last weekend and in them one of her pupils is white and the other red.
I took a few more at the same time and the rest all show two red pupils. And the others I've taken since to check.

I asked my HV and she did a very quick check to make sure her pupils were reacting as they should be - they are. She recommended a visit to the GP, who may refer me to an eye specialist.

In the photos she wasn't looking directly at the camera more off to the right.

I'm now silently freaking out. Anyone have any experience in this?

neversleepagain Sun 06-Nov-16 19:44:00

I would try take more photos to see if her pupils still show up white. If they do, take them to the gp.

BlairWaldorfxOxO Sun 06-Nov-16 19:44:35

Yes I had this with my Dd around the same age, one white and one red. I was panicking like mad over it. Hv referred us for an eye test and all was fine smile try not to worry apparently it's quite common xx

moreshitandnofuckingredemption Sun 06-Nov-16 19:49:59

Same as BlairWaldorf. I took DD to the optician and she examined her and said it can just be to do with the orientation of their eyes when they're very little ie their eyes don't point quite the same way. It's terrifying though, I really feel for you flowers

Inthenick Sun 06-Nov-16 19:52:00

Get it checked out. And try not to google. It is probably nothing.

Blossomdeary Sun 06-Nov-16 19:53:11

Stay off google - but go ahead with the check - that is what is needed.

pumpkinpumkin Sun 06-Nov-16 20:20:17

I've taken a good few others photographs and they've been all ok as in red. GP tomorrow sad

moreshitandnofuckingredemption Mon 07-Nov-16 12:08:13

Good luck flowers

ChocolateForAll Mon 07-Nov-16 13:42:47

Have you had your appointment, OP?

pumpkinpumkin Mon 07-Nov-16 22:40:42

Had the appointment and all good thankfully. GP could see from examination that both eyes are good and reckons it was the photographs angle.

I am so relieved. smile

Inthenick Tue 08-Nov-16 00:05:41

Phew OP, great news! I've a friend who's similar story didn't turn out so well so have been worrying. Glad all is ok with your little one.

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