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Changing my LO's formula

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LittleBelle90 Sun 06-Nov-16 09:30:04

Hi I just want some advice regarding changing my 8 week old's formula. He is currently on aptamil 1 but suffers really badly with wind. He seems sore after feeds and takes ages to settle again, just thrashes around especially at night. I've read that some mums had the same problem and changed to cow and gate. Is this worth a try? And how do I go about changing it, do I do a straight swap or gradually? He does have reflux so is already on infant gavsicon, is fed and held upright after feeds and his crib is raised at the head end. I also use infacol which helps bring up wind but he still seems really sore after feeds.

DefinitelyNotRuth Sun 06-Nov-16 09:33:30

Cow and gate is the exact same formula as Aptimil. It's made by the same people, in the same factory. A lot of people swap to it as its cheaper ( me included). You can just swap the feeds straight away and it won't cause a problem.
If you want to change to something else as you think it's causing issues though, I'd have a chat to your HV

Sophiesausage Sun 06-Nov-16 10:08:27

My daughter was like this but didn't get on well with gaviscon. We now give her cow and gate comfort and the milk stays down much better. She was on sma before but got bad windy bum! Some say you need bigger teats for comfort milk but dd takes 6oz in about 20-30 mins from size 1 still, she's four months old but couldn't cope with the faster flow of size 2

Sophiesausage Sun 06-Nov-16 10:10:42

Also try gripe water. I give it using a pipette rather than spoon so I can give a bit at a time throughout feed. I also give a little more when I know she's tired as she often does a huge trump then falls straight to sleep!

Caterina99 Sun 06-Nov-16 13:47:46

When we changed DS formula we did it gradually over a couple of days. So in a 6 oz bottle 5oz of old and 1of new for a few feeds and then 4oz of old and 2oz of new etc etc. don't know if it was necessary but worked for us

Phoenix76 Sun 06-Nov-16 21:23:32

I had terrible problems with dd1 on her formula, we got through bottles and bottles of infacol and she always seemed in pain after a feed and would frequently be sick. A friend recommended Hipps Organic and we put her on that with no change over and had absolutely no problems, it was like she was instantly relieved. With dd2, I was combination feeding until 6 months but has always had Hipps and is now on that full time with no problems at all, no wind, no sickness, nothing to report except it's fantastic!

Doingitover Sun 06-Nov-16 21:40:11

Have you thought about trying Aptimil comfort milk. My LB went onto this at 6 weeks he didn't take to breast milk and Aptimil 1 left him collicky and very windy.
It's a pain to make up but it did seem to help. He is now 16weeks and we are slowly switching back to Aptimil 1

LittleBelle90 Wed 09-Nov-16 16:37:10

So my LO has been in the Cow and gate since Sunday now. I've read that it is the same as aptamil but something must be different because his wind doesn't smell as bad and he appears slightly more comfortable after feeds. He's also able to poo easier.
I didn't try the aptamil comfort because I was worried about constipation.

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