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(pocket) money for a 3 yr old

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isthistoonosy Sat 05-Nov-16 18:06:03

The kids uncle gave them a few quid a month or so ago, so last week I finally took them to the shops and 3 yr old brought a tin of biscuits to share with nursery, and of course had change.
Now he is constantly checking where his money is, (its in a cup in a high cupboard away from his little sister), and he is asking about saving to buy some tea for his dad (I think because I always have tea and his dad doesn't - although obv that is because he doesn't like tea).

I've said we need to save up, but given no indication on how he could get more money, although so far today he has pilfered 20p from his nan!

So I'm wondering should we start pocket money? Or is this stupidly young for all that and we should just hope it passes.

ImperialBlether Sat 05-Nov-16 18:11:29

Why don't you have a jar where all the copper and 5p coins go into it? It'll come in handy later for counting and for separating into 1p, 2p etc - that used to keep my children happy for hours!

isthistoonosy Sat 05-Nov-16 18:14:27

Its the concept that it is his, he gets to decide how to spend it that I think appeals to him, he sees our money around all the time as we tend to have cash around the house but this is different.

kiki22 Sat 05-Nov-16 21:02:00

Ds1 has had pocket money from around 3 he gets £10 a month he can spend it on whatever he wants so basically all the crap I wouldn't buy like magazines and bouncy balls. He's 4.5 now and is really starting to catch on about wasting his money he will now look through the magazine to see if he actually wants it and likes to go to the toy shop to look for things he would like he will then save up, he can also get more money for doing extra chores so if he has something in mind he will ask for extra to do. I really feel its teaching him such valuable lessons that's its worth a tenner a month.

glorious Sat 05-Nov-16 21:07:28

I've just started giving my 3.5 year old £1 a week because I want her to start to learn about the value of money and spending and saving. She does help with household jobs to 'earn' it e.g. sorting the washing into piles and putting her own away, sweeping the floor after dinner. She needs a lot of help with these but even so I think it's helping her to learn about how we all contribute to keeping the house nice.

Ilovewillow Sat 05-Nov-16 21:18:04

My 3 yr old son gets pocket money, he wants to be the same as his sister who is 8! I think it helps them to begin to understand the value of money and earning money.

isthistoonosy Tue 08-Nov-16 20:03:02

Ah I could combine this with my other issue of constant throwing things - not sure he will understand but think I'll try.thanks

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