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Are pull ups as absorbant as nappies?

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Nottalotta Thu 03-Nov-16 19:16:00

We are having regular nappy leaks overnight. Ds us 15 months old and very talk, he's in a size 6. The leaks happen whoever puts the nappy on but most often when dh or Mil do it on my work days. I'm probably going to have to change it each night anyway but thought for ease of getting a nappy on the wriggling little beast, I might use pull ups. Someone has suggested not to though, as they leak more?

ineedamoreadultieradult Thu 03-Nov-16 19:18:13

In my experience they are not as absorbent and easily become loose around the waist and legs. Have you tried different brands? DS used to leak with Huggies but never leaked with Pampers for example.

Lules Thu 03-Nov-16 19:18:23

I use the pampers pants and they seem just as absorbent and they're much easier to put on

CookieLady Thu 03-Nov-16 19:19:17

Nope. Especially not the night time ones.

aztecvlad Thu 03-Nov-16 19:20:31

Pull Up style training pants like Huggies Pull Ups are not as absorbent as they are trying to teach your child to recognise that they are wet. Therefore they are unsuitable for nightime unless you are actively potty training.

Nottalotta Thu 03-Nov-16 19:21:00

Hmm. Pampers baby dry have been better than others, they seem a better fit as he is tall but not chunky.

fishyfishyfishfish Thu 03-Nov-16 19:21:25

Second vote for pampers pants, seem as good as normal nappies. Pull ups leaked for us

buckyou Thu 03-Nov-16 19:23:32

I've just started using pampers pajama pants. My daughter is only 16 months and they are meant to be 3-5years but they seem to be doing the trick

daisydalrymple Thu 03-Nov-16 19:31:52

Are the nappies leaking because he's peeing so much overnight, or because the fit isn't so good? Just wondering if you could add a layer such as the extra layer that is put inside reusables? (But am not a user of reusables so don't know if this is appropriate / would work). Or a rubber pant whatever they're now called on top of the pampers? (The thing that used to go on top of Terry's nappies when I was a baby!)

Keepingupwiththejonesys Thu 03-Nov-16 19:44:03

At 15 months if he's tall but not chunky ud say a size 6 is way to big. The height if a child shouldn't really gave much effect on nappy size. My dd is age 2, she's potty trained but still wears a nappy or pull up for bed in a size 5. She's tall but quite slim

LifeLong13 Thu 03-Nov-16 19:46:27

My DD is 15 months and tall too. We use Aldi Mamia pull ups (size 5), have been for about 3 months and haven't had an accident yet!

Saying that it's bound to happen tonight now.

footballwidow12 Thu 03-Nov-16 19:48:50

I'm using the night time pull ups for my DD - they are much more absorbent than a normal pull up smile

lornathewizzard Thu 03-Nov-16 20:18:00

I was gonna say a 6 seems huge for 15months. My 91st centile 2.3 year old is still in 5+. Are they definitely not too big?

Nottalotta Thu 03-Nov-16 21:10:52

Normally going up a size solved the leaks, I know what you all mean, it does seem big for his age, but I used some leftover size 5 and they definitely seemed too small.

The leaks really coincided with him starting to drink milk at bedtime, rather than bf, but the nappy isn't always sodden.

I had been using tesco, but when I changed to pampers I noticed the better fit around the waist. They always leak on the same side, he often lays on his right side and that's where he gets wet.

Nottalotta Thu 03-Nov-16 21:11:33

The pampers don't do up so that the tapes are touching, so not sure I could go down a size.

Weebeastiebaby Thu 03-Nov-16 21:50:16

I have a tall and chunky 16 month old and he still wears size 4+. I would try the 'plus' size of nappy in a 4 or a 5 as a 6 is probably too big but the 'plus' means extra absorbency... apparently!

Chosenbyyou Thu 03-Nov-16 21:55:26

My advice with this (which I did myself due to the same problem) was I introduced a potty before I put the nappy on. Very similar age to yours, it took a couple of weeks where every night whilst I was running the bath DC sat on potty with no result but then once there was a pee and a big fuss made there has been a pee every night. We haven't potty trained but this just stopped the nappy leakes as it was just doing a pee before the nappy went on. I also have the potty there for after the bath when getting changed into PJs as there is sometimes more wee to come out! Just an idea as the leaking was a nightmare for us xx

Laineymc7 Thu 03-Nov-16 21:57:58

My dd is 17 months and I've had a nightmare with pampers leaking most nights. I've tried a few others and the best for no leaks are Asda supreme protection. I haven't had a leak since I've switched. Never tried pull ups.

NickyEds Thu 03-Nov-16 22:04:25

I'd go for a smaller nappy-the tapes don't need to be touching. As a rule I think that if poos are leaking the nappy is too small, if wees are leaking it's too large. Also as pp says going up a size doesn't increase absorbancy but the + sizes do- I'd try a 5+. We use Pampers over night and they are very heavy but not leaking in the morning!

Nottalotta Fri 04-Nov-16 07:21:11

It's not the size, what I mean is the pampers size 6 tapes are a good way apart, hence the nappy is not too big.

I have gone down a size and the nappy was obviously too small. You wouldn't get a pampers 5 on him I don't think.

I haven't tried Asda yet, will do next!

Have sat him on a potty a few times but will do as you suggest chosen, it can't hurt!

Laineymc7 Fri 04-Nov-16 11:28:35

Always pick whatever size your little one is but in the + size so 5+ if that's what they are. The plus means extra absorbency. It's not a bigger size. I always buy this as my little one needs it.

Coconut0il Sat 05-Nov-16 15:18:28

DS2, 14 months is on the 99.6th centile, a real chunky monkey and he wears the pampers pants in a 5. We've not had any problems, I find them as good as normal nappies. I've read that the difference between a 5 and 5+ is extra absorbancy. Maybe try a 5+. Maybe the leak is round the legs rather than the waist if he is tall but slim.

Nottalotta Sat 05-Nov-16 15:30:02

Thanks for your input all. Last night ds woke at 2am and was dry. I changed him,, and at 5.15 he was wet. Bloody annoying!!

ODog Sat 05-Nov-16 19:59:29

My DS was in 4+ until he was about 18m. He is 98th centile for height and 75th for weight. He was then in 5+ until he potty trained a couple of months ago at 2.3yo. He is in size 2-3 clothing. + size nappies are more absorbant but in my experience pull ups are far less absorbant.

Try a 5+. DS was a heavy wetter and we had to change regularly and once at night all the way up to potty training (when he also became dry at night) and Aldi or ASDA 5+ were fine.

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