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School trip costs - compulsory or voluntary

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Alitripletmum Wed 02-Nov-16 14:14:04

I have triplets in P6 and they have their residential trip next year for 5 days at a cost of £225 each.
I've been told by a parent at another school that the part during the school hrs is voluntary and out of school hours, accommodation, transport, food etc is compulsory. So they always get a letter with voluntary cost and compulsory cost.
I've mentioned this to our head teacher to see if this might help with the amount I have to pay but she says they haven't heard of this before.
Has anyone else heard about this or know who I could contact to find out?

slightlyinsane Wed 02-Nov-16 16:06:02

If the head hasn't expressed a willingness to help (you've given her the opportunity) then contact the education department at your lea to see what's available.
I'm dreading things like this and I only have twins

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