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Gift ideas for women + children in a shelter

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SaltyRock Wed 02-Nov-16 13:15:59

I'm in touch with a local social worker and have arranged to organise gift boxes for 6 women and 14 children who are in a local DV shelter in time for the Christmas holidays.
Other than food and toiletries, can you help me with any ideas for gifts that would be appreciated by most? I will know the rough ages of the kids nearer the time.

Artandco Wed 02-Nov-16 13:27:49

- crayons/ pencils/ pens. With paper/ colour book or similar. I think many have small space so colouring is a good thing that keeps children entertained in one spot and not messy.
- game. Something simple but various ages and parent can play, like jenga. Jenga kids can use blocks to build with also.
- hat/ gloves/ scarves. Kids likely don't have any, and can be costly if you need to buy all for several children
- small playing figures like sylvanian figures, mini dinosaurs, or similar

- hat/ gloves/ scarf
- nice biscuits
- a book
- nail varnish, or other make up
- suduku book and pen
- nice hot chocolate or tea
- slipper socks
- hairbrush and bands

Otherwise any toiletries for both, and generally clothes or accessories like socks, hats, blanket for baby or whatever. A friend once said they had to buy everything toiletry wise like toilet paper and sanitary products, toothpaste etc which eats up money when starting with nothing

SaltyRock Wed 02-Nov-16 14:09:41

Excellent ideas, thank you Artandco.

boopdoop Wed 02-Nov-16 18:13:25

Osborne do really lovely sticker books, about £4 on Amazon, they woul kasg for ages as have about 15 picture scenes with a page of stickers for each scene. Really nice quality but not expensive and would provide hours of play.

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