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Potty training and school nursery

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TheABC Sun 30-Oct-16 08:59:36

We have been using the half term break to get DS (3.5) potty trained. We have cracked the wees, but it's still hit and miss with the poos, especially if he is distracted. My dilemma is what to do on Monday, when the school nursery starts up again. Just send him with several changes of clothes or keep him off longer? I am reluctant to use pull ups as he will just wee in them like a normal nappy - the only reason we have been successful so far was by going completely cold turkey on the nappies (including night time). WWYD?

happystory Sun 30-Oct-16 09:07:34

Don't keep him off. Send him in with changes of clothing, reminders about asking for the toilet and let the staff know where he's at. They'll have dealt with it lots of times before.

insancerre Sun 30-Oct-16 09:07:40

Nighttime control is entirely different to day time control
Being dry at night is dependent on muscle development and hormone production and can't be trained for in the same way as during the day

I agree that not using pull ups is the best approach
What you do now depends on how supportive the nursery is
Are they likely to accept a big bag of clothes and change him as required?
Do you know their ratio? Is it 1-8 or 1-13, as that will make a difference to how easy they find it to change him
I would ring them first thing and ask them for advice
Presumably they have been able to change his magpies previously, so in theory, changing a child after an accident shouldn't take much longer

TheABC Sun 30-Oct-16 09:26:54

Thank you for the replies. :-).

He is already dry at night and has been for over a month - hence the commando approach! Nursery has been changing his nappies, so hopefully they will not baulk at accidents. Sadly, the school office will be manic on Monday morning, so calling ahead probably won't work. I will go in and talk to them before the session starts.

The ratios are not brilliant, but he has a key support worker to remind him about the toilet.

JeepersMcoy Sun 30-Oct-16 09:31:48

Of course send him along and just let them know. They will help. Dd's nursery pretty much did most of her potty training. It was awesome grin

Cranb0rne Sun 30-Oct-16 16:34:33

Don't worry about him having poo accidents at nursery. The staff are well used to it and seeing the other kids using the toilet will really help him. You could ask them if he can have his potty at nursery if he feels more comfortable using it.

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