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Terry cloth nappies

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Fakehungarian Sat 29-Oct-16 13:14:51

Hello. I'm using Terry cloth nappies with my 3 month old. She can't tolerate being wet and I'm finding we're spending a good proportion of the day on the changing mat! Has anyone got any advice on how to make them more absorbant? I know you can buy inserts but not sure which ones are good and work well with terry cloths.

Thank you!

YouAndMeAreGoingToFallOut Sat 29-Oct-16 14:13:57

I don't use terry cloths myself (am a part time user of other cloth nappies) but have you tried fleece liners? Those should wick away moisture from the baby's bum so she doesn't feel so wet. They won't increase the absorbency though. For that you'd need something like a bamboo booster. I'm not sure how that works with terry nappies but I assume it's possible to add one in to the setup.

JohnLapsleyParlabane Sat 29-Oct-16 14:16:53

We use terries at night. I do a kite fold with a slim hemp booster under the long join and a fleece liner on top. I also use wool covers which help the moisture evaporate.

peaceloveandbiscuits Sat 29-Oct-16 14:17:46

You should be using fleece liners between the terry and baby to keep her skin dry. You'll also need some bamboo boosters to boost the absorbency of the terry so she can go longer between changes. These are what I use:

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