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Child's father is a bad stoner

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lananzack Wed 26-Oct-16 22:48:25

My daughters father has made me fume from the ears. We broke up months and months ago for trillions of reasons, one of them being he was constantly stoned. I've actually got nothing against weed, i think it's relatively harmless, BUT he is not one of those people who can smoke weed and remain entirely functional. He turns into a full blown dopey shit with no general awareness and slow motor skills.
All I've asked from him, is to NOT smoke any weed on the days he has our daughter. He agreed to this, so I was at ease.
Anywho, he had her today from 12pm, and I asked him if he could have her overnight too as I've been busy decorating and wouldn't be finished until late. He said ok, and njpped to my house to get her some pyjamas. Whilst here, he was bouncing around and dancing with her which I thought was all cute... Until a grinder fell from his pocket with just a few flakes left in it of weed.
I obviously said why the fuck do you have a grinder in your pocket? He got visibly embarrassed and defensive and just kept saying "cos I do, cos I do". I eventually got it out of him that when she fell asleep in the car he would roll a spliff and get out to smoke it.
Obviously by this point I'm seething... He's betrayed my trust, been irresponsible and even DRIVEN with my daughter whilst stoned!!!!
I've told him uncountable times that it is definitely not ok to be as high as he gets when in sole responsibility of our child!!!
What the feck do I do about it?! He evidently doesn't listen to a word I say!! I refuse to let this happen again, but at he same time I don't want to keep my baby from her daddy!! She's 10 months btw.
So yeah, what would you do?

JoJoSM2 Wed 26-Oct-16 23:44:30

I wouldn't leave my daughter with a druggie. If you are keen for them to be in regular contact, in the interest of your daughter, their time together should be supervised to ensure that she is safe and looked after.

BlueBalloonEmma Fri 28-Oct-16 19:51:48

He should not be the responsible adult if he is under the influence of any substance. I wouldn't let them be alone until he has truly proven that ha can be without drugs for a long period of time. Surely if an accident were to happen whilst he was stoned social services and the police would be involved?

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