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Purleaaaase share your after school routines

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Dappy28 Mon 24-Oct-16 20:53:35

I have 3 y/o DD and 1.5 y/o DS. DD has recently started school and OMG she is a little demon after school. . . Talk about tiredness / grumpy / etc . . Throws herself on the floor, cries, whinges, moans, demands to watch peppa pig. I had visions of picking my princess up from school, her helping nake tea, reading books etc but shes just in a constant strop until bedtime. I know everyone says that kids are tired when they start school but shes like a little monster (one that i love very much grin). She already goes to bed at 6.30pm so bedtime cant be any earlier.

My Q is, what do your LO's after school? Time line would be useful. (It's only the first half term and I am conscious that I have given into too much peppa pig time - something I vowed i would never ever ever do blush


FATEdestiny Mon 24-Oct-16 21:59:40

Is your 3 year old full time? Or do you mean half day nursery? Anyway, my after school routine will be very different to yours because mine are older. I have DD12, DS10, DS6 and DD2.

The run up / preparation for after school starts at lunchtime, making sure DD2 is asleep in time to be woken for the school run. Then:

3.15 - leave to pick primary children up
3.45 - home with DS10 and DS7
Empty school bags, get out reading, spelling, handwriting
I listen to DS7 read
DS10 takes his book upstairs, reads and gets changes
DS7 gets changed
4.00 - DD12 arrives home
I make everyone a litre of squash (always thirsty my kids)
4pm-5pm is established "quiet time". During this hour:
- spellings done (takes about 3 mins)
- handwriting practice (takes about 3 mins)
- Any homework set that day (in particular eldest at secondary school)
- tv or watching something in the tablet.
- cuddling on the sofa

Allowing for quiet, chill out time is vital for after school calm-down I feel.

I start cooking dinner 4.30-5.00 and serve the meal 5.30 when DH gets home. We eat all together around the table, chat, talk about our day etc.

Various after school activities commence after dinner, involving ferrying the kids around.

7.30 DS7 and DD2 in bed

8.30-9.00 DS10 and DD12 in bed

badg3r Mon 24-Oct-16 22:32:43

What time does nursery school finish? She's obviously shattered as you say. If it's early enough still when you get home, can you all just get into bed for half an hour and rest before getting on with the evening? (Disclaimer, I am totally lazy and use any excuse to have a snooze wink)

neversleepagain Mon 24-Oct-16 22:36:17

My 4 year old twins are at pre school from 8:45-3:15 Mon & Wed and 12-3 on Fridays.

We walk home (they scoot) with a quick visit to park on the way home. We get home at 4pm and I make sure dinner is ready as they can be miserable and tired from school.

They watch tv for 30 minutes when we get in. Dh arrives home at 4:30 and he entertains them until we have dinner at 5pm. Bath is straight after dinner at 5:30 followed but milk, teeth, stories and bed is 6:30.

uhoh2016 Tue 25-Oct-16 03:30:42

Get in from school around 3.45 uniform off, they are always hungry so they have a snack straight away.
Some evenings are a made rush if they have activities on - on these nights when they get back its straight in the bath and get ready for bed. On nights were there's no activities they pretty much just chill out watching tv or on the tablet- I don't limit these as there will be days where they don't get chance to go on at all.
If she is doing full days at 3 then I'm not surprised she's shattered in the evenings. It can be tough when they are over tired especially when you've a baby aswell to look after. If she wants to veg out watching peppa pig then let her, she's had a tough day learning and playing.

Dappy28 Tue 25-Oct-16 20:31:50

Thanks for all the replies. Yes she is FT at nursery, its attached to the primary school. Shes one of the youngest in the class. I think a snack isva good idea first thing when we get home. Then watch tv. Have dinner as a famiky, bath and then story time before bed.

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