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Catalogue of errors.. day 2 of being a parent!

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Dizzy08 Sat 22-Oct-16 06:20:30

I just thought I'd share little extract of my experiences of becoming a mum for the first time that I text to a friend and thought it may be helpful to other struggling new mums..

I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the correct place either.. if my first ever post of this kind.. apologies that it is also a bit lengthy ..

Yesterday my LO was 2 days old..

Yesterday was bad. But then yesterday got worse! Yesterday was hilarious!

Yesterday was bad because I kept trying to do little jobs like straighten my hair and put on a bit of make up and getting distracted or forgetting and then trying to setting down to try to enjoy feeding my LO when my next door neighbor rocks up unannounced and I'm there with one arm out the neck of my dress and nursing bra detached on one side (though dress pulled up to cover boob! Thankfully!!) stood in the kitchen disposing of a poo-filled nappy washing my hands before heading back to breastfeed my DS.. which then gets put on hold because my neighbor is chatting away for 15 mins and bringing us a lovely gift and I don't want to sound unwelcoming or ungrateful..

But by the time she goes my DS is dozey and takes two further HOURS before I mange to rouse him enough to feed..

By which point my arranged visit from my younger sis, her husband and son (my nephew) has arrived and my nephew gets a bit frightened and wary to meet his 'new baby cousin' (who he had been dying to meet and not stopped talking about and face timing since he was born) because the little guy he wants to meet is presently stuck to 'auntie E's' breast and she looks like something that lives in a swamp today why would he approach that!?!

Honestly.. looking back on yesterday now it's hillarious! Haha .. I'm doing well at this aren't I?

I'm sure you won't have this trouble! I haven't been the most organized of people since I found out I was pregnant for one reason or another, which is not me and it's annoying me, but what I'm trying to say is that even if you look in the mirror after the baby arrives and you also see something from the swamp looking back at you in the mirror please try to remember to turn around and look at your own little bundle of joy you created so you can also be reminded that really.. who cares!?!

CrazyGreyhoundLady Sat 22-Oct-16 06:43:20

My dd is two days old today... It took me 8 attempts yesterday to get a shower because things kept happening. As for makeup... Well I didn't even brush my hair after washing it just tied it up wet!
New moms are definitely together in this smile and I have to agree, no matter how ugly you feel, look at the beautiful bundle you produced... Totally worth it smile

HappyInL0nd0n Mon 24-Oct-16 08:49:30

Congratulations on your new arrival. flowers I frankly am in awe that you attempted make up on day 2. It was more like Month Four for me!!!

Anyway, enjoy the special time, go easy on yourself and completely lower your expectations as to what you can do on any given day - it will make you happier.


EreniTheFrog Mon 24-Oct-16 11:26:11

It gets easier, honestly, honestly it does. I think most people would consider hair-straightening and make up a tad ambitious for Day 2. I think ti took me until about Day 7 to even wash my hair.

NoIsAnAnswer Mon 24-Oct-16 11:35:00

Congratulations envyflowers

Don't put make up on. Don't straighten your hair. Don't answer the door.

Relax and get to know your baby. Sit in your comfy clothes and rest.

The first few days/weeks are an eye opener for a first time mum! Best wishes to you both

glueandstick Mon 24-Oct-16 21:33:20

My mantra everyday has been 'if everyone is alive and fed, it's ok'

That's all you need to do. smile

NoIsAnAnswer Mon 24-Oct-16 21:39:19


Fed not dead when the going gets tough

Dizzy08 Wed 26-Oct-16 06:07:32

I understand what you are all saying about having the right level of expectations and establishing the priorities but for me sometimes the priority is a bit of make up of sorting my hair a little for my own mental wellbeing. I need to feel good about myself.. if I thought I was doing it for anyone else I wouldn't bother but I gained quite a bit of weight in pregnancy due to imobility from SPD and I just wanted a bit of a self confidence boost.

CrazyGreyhoundLady Thu 27-Oct-16 01:49:07

You need to do what's right for yousmile completely understand about a confidence boost! I think we were all just worried you were putting too much on your plate without understanding the full picture from your pov.

I think you are doing amazing

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