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Can not stand my mothers partner! ADVICE

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sophieeleanorxx Fri 21-Oct-16 18:00:28

I've not long moved back in with my mum and now I'm having to learn to cope with this man all over again it was much easier when I was 150 miles away and just visited on weekends. He is not the kind of man you would want your mum to go out with I know she's 61 and can make her own decisions but he makes me feel sick. They've been together since I was little and I'm in my twenties now and I hated him just as much when I was younger. He loved causing trouble between me and my mum so he could have her to himself. To this day on he's still the same he visits on weekends and I just lock myself in my bedroom. He is just a weird guy we don't really know much about him he walked out on his kids when they were 5 and they don't want anything to do with him. He doesn't live in a normal house or flat he lives in a old school as a guardian or something and pays like £40 a week for an old classroom. Loads of young people my age live there and he hangs around with them I just find it weird. My son is due in 5 weeks and I don't want him around me or my baby. When my brothers girlfriend was living with us and she was breastfeeding he use to just lurk around he was like a fly to s* he would pop up out of anywhere. I know the ideal situation is for me to move out but that won't happen until after Christmas now so any advice will be much appreciated! grin

ImperialBlether Fri 21-Oct-16 18:20:19

But why did you move back with your mum, knowing that he'd be there all the time? I assume she won't tell him to go?

sophieeleanorxx Fri 21-Oct-16 18:27:34

I was in a bad situation and had to move back in with my mum and give up my job. Oh god no! She's obsessed with him
He can do no wrong in her eyes. He's manage to get her into debt over the years push all her friends away. No one visits her anymore which is a huge shame as she use to be very outgoing and had lots of friends.

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