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3 month xmas

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LauLau93 Sat 15-Oct-16 17:47:18

My daughter will be a little over 3 months come xmas and im at a loss as to what kind of toys to buy. Im not going to go mad as there really is no point when she will atill be so unaware but what kind of toys will help them develop and learn at that age? Thanks smile

Peachesandcream15 Sat 15-Oct-16 19:07:06

Hi! My DD was 2 months old last Christmas. I wouldn't over think it! I got her some books - touchy feely, big bold colours and shapes. Lamaze do nice toys for infants, look for sensory toys, different textures etc. She also liked anything that played a tune!

Temporaryname137 Sat 15-Oct-16 19:31:36

I worried so much about toys at that age, as mine was exactly the same last Christmas. Honestly, just looking at the tree lights was all she wanted!! We had a Lamaze zebra rattle which she loved, and you can get sensory things like a taggie blanket. But mostly the pics of last Christmas are of a bewildered baby whose daft FTM had piled her up with toys!! Now she's 1, she loves them.

I would say get a couple of things for when she's a bit older - bath toys are good, and anything that lights up/plays tunes. Ours LOVES the baby Einstein keyboard (it's about £15 on Amazon and plays all sorts of tunes, instruments, animal voices etc).

crayfish Sat 15-Oct-16 19:34:53

My DS was 5 months last Christmas and we got him literally nothing. We wrapped some clothes I had bought, not as gifts just because he needed them, so there was something to 'open' but that was it. I'm glad we didn't because the family went mad and he got a million toys which don't fit into our tiny house!

Seriously keep it small, a three month old won't know and won't care. I don't think my DS will even be that fussed this year either.

crayfish Sat 15-Oct-16 19:36:24

Oh, but if you want to get something the early learning centre have sets of those 'that's not my...' books. DS still loves them now.

ralice Sat 15-Oct-16 19:55:37

My LO was 3 months last Christmas. One of the best things we got for him was a Bumbo. We still use it now for breakfast and snacks to keep him still for a few minutes - though he can climb out of it now, and looks like a little snail crawling around with it strapped to his butt!

ThatsNotMyToddler Sun 16-Oct-16 09:38:46

My ds1 was 3monhs for his first Christmas and as PPs habe said all he wanted to do was look at the tree lights.

I bought him some nice clothes, as we were running out of the gift ones from when he was born. Think he got some of these

Can't remember what else. Some simple books might be a good idea too - That's not my... As above, and the Amazing Baby range have some nice ones.

Mainly OP I'd recommend enjoying the lack of presents this year - it will explode in years to come!!

ThatsNotMyToddler Sun 16-Oct-16 09:40:59

Oh. If you don't have a door bouncer you could get one of those. They can usually manage that from about 4-5months depending on head control


NerrSnerr Sun 16-Oct-16 09:45:09

Gifts that stand out when my daughter was that age were the Lamaze zebra rattle, a comforter she still uses now and rattles. She mainly got nice clothes though.

LauLau93 Sun 16-Oct-16 13:29:06

Thank you for the suggestions. I have no plan on buying loads as shes the first grandchild for partners parents and they hav gone mad which i agree, is nice but a waste of money.
Will definitely look into the lamaze range because ive heard from different people how good they are.
Thanks again smile

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