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Baby thinks its playtime at 3.30am

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Cinnamon84 Sat 15-Oct-16 03:47:55

How to get 9wk old to sleep after 3am feed? He keeps smiling and cooing and looking at me, it's way too cute to be annoyed but too early to play! Any tips?

BigBadBarryTheFish Sat 15-Oct-16 04:42:23

Rock him back to sleep? That what I did/do. My DC#3 is 11 weeks old and currently laughing in his sleep.

Or you could try feeding him to sleep? I know people on here are not a fan, but it worked for me.

EmzDisco Sat 15-Oct-16 07:44:30

Feeding or rocking would be my tips. Or just some nice cuddling and enjoy his smiley little face!

But to be honest I found they just go through little phases of liking a 3am play/chat and they'll go back to sleep when they are ready!

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