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Playing with 10 month old

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graysor Fri 14-Oct-16 22:58:53

I'm after some ideas if fun things I can do with 10 mo dd. She is crawling, pulling up and cruising and I feel like I'm struggling to entertain her / play with her while we're at home. She mostly just crawls off and tries to climb up he stairs!

Any ideas of fun things your babies enjoy gratefully received!

educatingarti Fri 14-Oct-16 23:08:57

Rolling a ball to her and getting her to bat it back, playing peepo with a teddy, building a tower of stacking cups and letting her knock it down, reading books, pushing a toy car down the hall or rolling a ball down the hall and letting her crawl after it. If you have a largish cardboard box you could put it on its side and let her explore it/ crawl on it (even better if you cut some windows out). Let her play with some Tupperware and plastic plates and cups and wooden spoons etc (even better if you put it all in one low kitchen cupboard that she is allowed to empty herself). If you don't mind mess you can introduce her to painting even at this age (try in the high chair or on a plastic sheet on the floor).

graysor Sat 15-Oct-16 08:10:56

Thanks for these suggestions. I do most of these, except the box and the painting ( not sure I'm brave enough for that!). It just feels like we only manage about 30 seconds doing anything before she's crawling off again!

Anymore for anymore?

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