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Could anyone recommend a good book/dvd about reproduction that I can read/watch with my 10 year old?

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EyepatchOfTravis Fri 14-Oct-16 17:56:31

DD (10) has never been particularly curious about where babies come from, though over the years I have told her that there is a seed that comes from the dad that fertilises the egg inside the mum etc - just not discussed sex with her.

I have always been open with her about puberty/periods etc.

She is now starting to be more curious, and I would like to have told her about it before they get the year 6 dvd in the final term.

Knowing my daughter's personality though, I think she is going to be pretty horrified/grossed out when I tell her, and I'm thinking it would be easier/diffuse some of the awkwardness if we read a book together/watched a DVD and then we could talk about it/she could ask questions.

The books I'm aware of seem very babyish and are lacking some of the information. I'm not sure what DVDs are appropriate/where I'd get them.

Has anyone else used either that they have found useful, informative and pitched at a 10 year old?

Thanks for any ideas.

jayisforjessica Sat 15-Oct-16 12:00:29

There's a wonderful book called Where Do I Come From, by Peter Mayle, that my parents read with me when I was that age, and that I read with my DS (aged twelve now) a couple of years ago. You can buy it on Amazon, but if you go here you can actually download the pdf of the book for free. Highly recommend.

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