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Whats a good electric heater for baby's room overnight?

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1t6y9o Thu 13-Oct-16 14:07:41

I don't want to heat the whole house overnight... baby's room is the coldest room. I need a heater to run overnight to keep the temperature stable.

Can any of you recommend a safe heater that will work for this purpose?

minipie Thu 13-Oct-16 14:16:07

We use an oil filled radiator. Downside is it does make a loud "ticking" sound as it heats up and cools down... Will be interested to see if anyone has any better ideas!

Janek Thu 13-Oct-16 14:44:05

dress the baby warmly enough so that you don't need a heater on? more layers on the baby, or an extra blanket or two on top of a sleeping bag - apparently each layer of cellular blanket is an extra tog.

don't forget babies naturally have cold hands and feet, so this is no reflection on how warm they actually are.

PotatoBread Thu 13-Oct-16 16:11:15

Do you know roughly what the temperature is in the room without a heater?

KatyN Thu 13-Oct-16 21:24:39

We have an oil filled radiator too. The clicking never woke my son. We did have it set quite low so it often wouldn't be on, but was a handy reassurance to prevent nighttime waking s!

user1472662726 Thu 13-Oct-16 21:29:33

Watching with interest as my daughters room is freezing..... Often 14 degrees. North facing shady garden. Are oil filled heaters pricey?

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