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Furniture for children's room

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chloechloe Thu 13-Oct-16 12:34:32

DD1 is 18mo and we're expecting DD2 at Christmas. The little one will sleep with us for at least 6 months but eventually I'd like to put them both in one room together.

At the moment we just have a cot and a large Hemnes IKEA dresser in the room but I'd like to get it furnished in a way that they can grow into.

I'm thinking it would be handy to add a wardrobe for toys and clothes that need hanging when they're bigger, as well as a pull out daybed. Any thoughts? After spending last night sleeping on the floor next to the cot as DD1 was ill I'm figuring it will come in handy for years to come. Plus it would be nice to have a spot for bedtime stories. Then again I'm wondering if if would be better to have less furniture so there's more room to play.

I want to make a really nice space for them but am so indecisive!

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