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Baby visiting sibling in prison

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user1476349587 Thu 13-Oct-16 10:20:07

Hi, would you be happy to take your baby when visiting his sibling or half sibling in prison? Has anyone got experience of this? It doesn't seem a good environment for a baby.

Pigeonpost Thu 13-Oct-16 10:25:24

You appear to have two active threads about this? Personally I don't see the issue. In what way if the visiting room of a prison a bad environment for a baby? It is just a room with people sitting in it at tables right (assuming here as never been in one) and I don't see what makes that a bad environment for a baby. Are you anticipating that a convicted child abuser will rush across the room and molest your baby? Surely you know that absolutely will not happen. I can't see that a baby is any more at risk of anything in a prison visiting room than going on a bus or to a supermarket for example. Am I missing something really obvious in terms of your specific concern?

BastardGoDarkly Thu 13-Oct-16 10:28:34

The baby will be perfectly safe, and have absolutely no clue where he/she is.

Does the sibling specifically want to see the baby? Otherwise I'd rather leave baby at home, just to be able to talk properly to sibling.

tilleuls Thu 13-Oct-16 10:36:04

The baby won't have a clue where he or she is and they would be perfectly safe. The only problem is if you are breastfeeding as you're not allowed to in the visiting room and you would have to leave to feed your baby - this might be an issue if you have just an hour long visit and you want to spend time with the prisoner.
Some prisons have specific days in the week which are known as the baby bonding days and there are many babies that are brought along!!

JaneA1 Thu 13-Oct-16 10:39:53

I do believe it is no problem at all.

BastardGoDarkly Thu 13-Oct-16 12:27:40

He's in for sexual activity with children right? No.

youngestisapsycho Thu 13-Oct-16 12:34:25

I often took my DDs to visit my brother when they were babies. He used to love seeing them. They would just sit on mine or his lap. It's perfectly safe. They had play areas too for the older kids.

Elllicam Thu 13-Oct-16 12:36:51

If it is the same 19 year old who is in for child molesting then no I wouldn't.

youngestisapsycho Thu 13-Oct-16 12:46:43

Hmm... if my brother was in prison for child molesting, I certainly wouldn't be visiting him, even without a baby!!

Elllicam Thu 13-Oct-16 13:11:50

I think it's a son or step son of the OP in prison

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