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gifts for 3 yo girl

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needtomovesomewherewarmer Wed 12-Oct-16 21:20:38

Dr is 3 next week. I've got some things but not surecegat to give and hold back for Christmas and need more ideas.
So far I have a snasl cokection of cheap preloved dress up costumes none aren't Disney character ones. A bat girl dress new. A stash of tat (clips bobbles jeweley lip balm) to box up. A new current model of baby annabelle. 3 little pigs orchard game.

She is has an older brother so we already have wooden kitchen/bike/scooter etc. Lots of figures and dolls house.

Thinking a playhouse for her, ds and youbger sister to share for Xmas. But need a few more ideas.

Kiddizoom? Worth it? We have a btw I camera bought for Dr previously but it's not very good and never gets used.

I don't want a leap pad or anything like that we have tablets but try to not use them too much.

She already has a toy till and some food . She loves playing shop . anything to go with this?

Shropitlikeitshot Wed 12-Oct-16 21:25:33

I bought my 4yr old neice the kiddizoom and I'm not convinced she's really bothered by it. My 2 3/4 yo is having baby Annabelle accessories for Christmas, Play doh bits, Fancy dress, A few Disney dvds. Hope this helps.

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