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Things to do with my baby?

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Ghostqueen Tue 11-Oct-16 23:54:20

My DD is 5 months old and I wanted ideas of things to do with her that she will enjoy?

BackforGood Wed 12-Oct-16 00:01:24

Talk, talk, talk
Get out and about.
Walk everywhere.
Talk some more. smile

Ghostqueen Wed 12-Oct-16 00:06:06

She loves being outside so a nice walk to the park will be great! smile

She loves singing and talking too.

She is my first so always worried I'm not doing enough/ doing too much.

MinnowAndTheBear Wed 12-Oct-16 00:08:42

Have you taken her swimming? My 6 mo loves it.

AbyssinianBanana Wed 12-Oct-16 00:13:47

Look up sensory play on Pinterest. Babies love to feel squishy, gooey, soft, smelly, prickly stuff. Crunching fallen leaves will amaze her grin

Ghostqueen Wed 12-Oct-16 00:48:27

She loves any form of water. She lights up when she realises she is swimming/ in the bath.

Will look up pinterest tomorrow smile

oldlaundbooth Wed 12-Oct-16 01:04:33

Water in a bottle, lid on, pass it to her, she'll love it. Good for nappy changes for entertainment.

Also, tricking water from one pot to another, preferably in the bath.

If it's raining, she'll love looking at the lights in a shopping mall.

Everything is new at that age so just getting out and about is fun for them.

BrainPrions Wed 12-Oct-16 03:50:58

At this age, just going out and about is fun for them. Do something YOU want to do. Baby will just be happy seeing all the new things and hearing all the new noises.

beginnersewer Wed 12-Oct-16 12:01:45

Mine loved going anywhere with lots of people at that age eg a supermarket/shopping centre/on the train/bus. He loved attention too so had a great time at church coffee mornings and similar with lots of older ladies cooing at him/passing him round!

ODog Wed 12-Oct-16 21:09:54

When DS was little I took him to all sorts of classes which he mostly cried/fed/slept through . I now also have a 5mo DD and I'm amazed at how entertained she is just being carted about to whatever toddler is doing and watching everyone go about théier day. I wished I hadn't worried so much about stimulation and entertainment for DS at that age.

Ghostqueen Wed 12-Oct-16 21:32:21

Thanks guys. We took her to the city centre for the first time, she was in awe and loved it! smile

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