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3 month old not taking bottle?

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Ellarose85 Tue 11-Oct-16 15:18:15

Hi, just wondered if anyone can offer any advice.

My DD normally feeds no problem but for the last couple of days she has been rufusing her bottle or only having an oz or two.

She seems well in herself, is sleeping more during the day and is waking during the night for a feed which she stopped doing at around 3 weeks old.

Any idea what could be causing this? I'm concerned that DD isn't getting enough milk.

Heirhelp Tue 11-Oct-16 15:21:34

How many of if she having in a day? Is this just bottle feed? If I was you I would give your health visitor a ring.

Heirhelp Tue 11-Oct-16 15:22:05

Teething and feeling unwell can make babies want less milk.

peaceloveandbiscuits Tue 11-Oct-16 15:22:23

Is she doing plenty of wet nappies? You should see the doctor if she's not having enough milk as that's her only form of nutrition at her age.
It's possible she might have oral thrush or is teething and feeling sore.

Ellarose85 Tue 11-Oct-16 15:28:10

So far she's probably had 8 oz today.

Plenty of wet nappies.

I was wondering about teething but I'm expecting a late teether like DS!

I'm going to monitor her today/tonight and if she still isn't feeding properly, I will call the HV tomorrow.

Heirhelp Wed 12-Oct-16 21:12:41

I think it is always best to check. 8oz by 15.30 would not worry me as my DD will make up for it during the night.

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