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Almost 4yo bored of all toys and fixated on playing same fecking game ALL THE TIME!

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BotBotticelli Sat 08-Oct-16 21:54:39

Ds1 will be 4 in December. He seems thoroughly fed up of pretty much all of his toys. Has stopped playing with his Wooden trainset/cars/vehicles.

Shows no interest in Lego or any other building stuff.

He has a little bit of playmobil but isn't interested in that. He has a pirate ship/knights castle and batman house (Imaginext type stuff) that he got for last Xmas which he rarely touches.

I cannot get him to hold a pen/paintbrush or show any interest in mark making whatsoever. So rarely does he hold a pen or crayon, I don't even know if he is left or right handed 😨

ALL he wants to do his play imaginary games with his "beasts" - a rag tag collection of toy dinosaurs, spiders, rats, sharks and dragons. The games always degenerate into smashing two beasts together fighting and he takes great delight in describing how they're sucking out each others' eyeballs, chewing off their legs etc 😱

The worst thing is: he seems incapable of playing these games on his own for longer than about 4 mins and follows me round the house moaning and beggging "plaaaay wiTh me mummeeee".

It is driving me insane: both the limited nature of his interests and the fact he is incapable of playing by himself.

Can anyone suggest ways to encourage him to broaden his play activities? And to play alone? He has a 1yo brother who barely gets a look in and just wonders around chewing a toy car whilst I am embroiled in endless games of "Dino fights" on the floor 😰

And should I be worried about the violence/bloodthirsty nature of his games?? He is not a violent boy (aside from what I think is some normal jealous roughness with his baby bro that we always punish immediately with time outs) but he really does seem obsessed with the darker side of life - always wants to be the baddie when we are playing, wants to "kill" all my dinosaurs etc.

To balance this all out, I feel I should say he is a bright, lively boy who is really fascinated with the world and enjoys lots of activities out of the house: swimming, scooting round park, feeding ducks, train rides, visiting museums, parks, play centres etc.

It's just IN the house he is a nightmare!!!

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