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Pranks limits

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user1475879680 Fri 07-Oct-16 23:52:28

Hello Mums!
This is my first post encouraged by many thoughts I have as my daughter's friend is around for her first sleepover.
Please help me how would you go about this situation:
My 4.5 yo daughters falls asleep.
My daughter 7 yo and her class friend, around for her first sleepover.
When I checked on the little one she:
- had face painted with lipgloss
- had few stickers on
- has a streak of her glued with a (soft) glue
- had a bit of hay in her knickers
- and hay and some little stones in the bed.
I am very angry, and unsure how to go about it, what is the limit (well over in my opinion)?
Would you tell the girls parents? ( I wish to know if my daughters would have done that to someone)
The older daughter she has never done sth like that and is quite sensitive in general, not taking criticism well. I don't want to spoil their sleepover as it doesn't happen too often or regularly.
How would you go about it?
Please share your views, many thanks.

Me mum.

VioletBam Sat 08-Oct-16 13:17:49

Well I would also be very, very upset. It's not a prank it's downright mean and bullying and taking advantage.

Did you speak to them about it immediately?

Never, invite this girl back. If your daughter is not like this usually, you can bet it's her friend who has taken the lead in this behaviour.

In my opinion, 7 is too young for sleepovers and this is exactly why.

Silliness always seems to take over and you can't really shout at someone else's child or punish them,

I would tell her parents yes...I would be careful how I said it though.

Something like this

"They were mainly good apart from one incident where I found they'd put nasty things on my youngest as she slept...obviously I'm not happy as there was glue in her hair."

And leave it at that.

Talk to your own daughter about what happened. If it seems to have been her friend's idea, speak to your daughter about remaining kind no matter what your friends are suggesting is "funny" when it's obviously mean. Explain to your daughter that doing things like this to someone who is asleep is NEVER ok.

Let it go this's probably that your DD was led on...but make sure she knows about cruel behaviour and a "funny joke" and what the difference is.

user1475879680 Sat 08-Oct-16 14:13:42

Thank you so much. This helped a lot, I really appreciate your comments.

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