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Helping a 6yo be himself

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BusyCee Fri 07-Oct-16 23:34:24

6yo DS1 is in a lovely class at a lovely school. He's good friends with a girl who's quite mischievous and a strong character. Teacher had a gentle word with me last week about him making his own decisions as he's got into trouble a couple of times following her suggestions (I think she likes to bend him to her will, and while he's no shrinking violet, he is captivated by her). I've had a chat with him about it and thought he'd bought into 'be your own person' 'no body is better or worse than anyone else' etc....but today he came home from a club he has previously enjoyed saying he wants to stop because it's really pathetic and disgusting. Why does he suddenly think that, I ask....because X said so.

Obviously this is just the start of it. And one of my plans is to help him make friends with other kids in the class by organising other play dates. But what else can I do to teach him to see himself and his own opinions, rather than in rating himself against her and following her (slightly manipulative) bidding?

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