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2 year old only eats toast!!!

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illhaveabrew Fri 07-Oct-16 20:15:16

Pretty much what the title says. This fruit and weetabix.
She is turning 2 next week and she pretty much eats fruit, toast and weetabix (and of course any cake/crisps/chocolate) but these she is limited to as trying not to have too much refined sugar in her diet.
She used to be a great eater but in the last 3/4 months it has steadily got worse and worse and more and more fussy. I have tried to leave her till she is very hungry, I've battled with her in the high chair, I've made all sorts of stuff, I've tried to make it fun, I've let her watch TV while eating, in the high chair, at the table. I am losing my mind. She has just started nursery and I thought that might help but no.
Any ideas, please no shouting I already feel like a failure.

Bonfirebabyandme Fri 07-Oct-16 20:21:26

My daughter did this, from just before she turned 2 and it lasted 8 or so months. I think they are just testing their boundaries, seeing what they can get away with. They eat when they are hungry and soon grasp that if you eat x for dinner you get y for dessert. I cut out snacks completely between meals (even fruit) which worked for a while, I did sticker charts... the lot. Basically you just have to be patient (easier said than done I know) and show them that they aren't getting attention from not eating. Good luck, it won't last forever!

Coconut0il Sat 08-Oct-16 22:43:11

Almost certainly it will just be a phase. My advice would be to not make a big thing of it. Give her the toast, weetabix and fruit she likes. Offer other food in small portions but don't make a big fuss about if she eats it or not. Offer little portions often and don't pay too much attention to if it's eaten or not.
You are not a failure, all children have funny ways. DS1 went through a phase where he would only eat rice krispiesblush He's 13 now and it hasn't done him any harm and he'll eat almost anything now.
You could also try a child's multivitamin if you're worried about the lack of variety.

illhaveabrew Sun 09-Oct-16 10:09:46

Thank you all. I think it is a phase but hard as I had my mum to stay and she has just started nursery 3 days a week and they are both "so what does she eat?" And it's hard to reply welllll nothing really. She is not a skinny kid and very tall so she is obviously getting what she needs so I think I won't worry so much and just concentrate on having fun and loving her grin

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