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22 month old won't stop shouting

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Runningbutnotscared Fri 07-Oct-16 19:53:38

My ds doesn't speak. We've had his hearing tested and it seem to be fine, and he has some sign language and his comprehension appears to be fine. He knows his colours, can follow simple instructions (when he feels like it), and appears to be frustrated as he cant tell you exactly what he wants.
So he shouts. Loudly. And its wearing.

I was hoping someone out there might be able to advise how to handle the shouting?
At the moment we try to figure out why he is shouting and ask him to stop. It's not effective. He often can't have the thing he wants, he won't be distracted to something else and just shouts louder.

I feel like a very ineffectual parent politely asking him to stop when he is yelling and ruining other people's lunch (if we have gone out to a cafe for example). We are going out a lot less and choosing where we go very carefully because of it.

Should I be more firm? I feel he is too young for a time out or really to understand me asking him to be quieter.

Any help would be appreciated

Heirhelp Sun 09-Oct-16 11:02:15

Is it worse when he has a cold?

Liskee Sun 09-Oct-16 14:23:20

We have a similar aged screamer at home. DH has taken to persuading him to make another noise (dinosaur, tiger etc) each time he screams which has had some success. We too struggle with the noise in public which is why the alternative noise strategy was developed. I'd love to know how to stop it though...or be reassured that once he can communicate a bit better that the screaming will stop (hopeful face!) This too shall pass etc etc ;)

Imavinoops Sun 09-Oct-16 14:35:10

Our little boy is now three, has a few short words now but at that age didn't say a word and just shouted. We have noticed that with him learning to sign the things he wants and to sometimes be able to attempt a word he is a little more quiet.
Also making a games revolving around "shhh" and putting your finger to your lips sometimes works.

His shouting is usually either due to frustration or too much noise and overwhelming stuff where we are (we are currently working on a theory that he struggles with sensory processing among other things) I tend to adopt an "I know you're hurting, I know your upset" approach rather than a telling off one as over time it has become more and more clear that he can't help it much of the time.

Children shout for a variety of reasons. Do you find he shouts more when he is out and about in noisy places?

I know how you feel when you say it's wearing though. Our DS has good days and bad days, on bad days all he does is shout all day, sometimes just for no reason other than he is in a bad mood. It cuts right through you sometimes.

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