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Desperate for 7 month old sleep help!

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kittyGardner Fri 07-Oct-16 14:00:09

Hey! 7 month old has started crying whenever I put him down in his cot...I feed to sleep, he stirs when I put him down and he will settle himself and normally he's okay with that. However he's teething, and whenever I put him down in his cot, he starts screaming - newborn style. I pick him up and he stops...put him down and he starts again. He literally wont be put down. I've spent the best part of an hour picking up, waiting while he dozes off, putting him down etc etc over and over. He's normally okay at putting himself to sleep and getting through the transition from arms to cot but he just wont be put down at the question is - so what do I do - should I hold him while he naps or should I stop trying to get him down and take him to do something else and try again later???

I've been taking him out of that environment and trying again later, but he just gets more tired and wont go down again later. I just dont want him to get used to the fact he can sleep in my arms because I'm already sleeping with him at night in an effort to top up his sleep hours as he's now only getting about 10 hours sleep in any 24 hour period (before it was about 13 - 11 at night and 2 hours over the course of the day) and thats down to him being so exhausted by bedtime (which it takes around 2-3 hours to get him down at night now too) that he collapses with exhaustion - but then when he wakes in the night, I give him a quick feed and cant get him down again, so I take him to the sofa and sit with him while he sleeps on me - just so he gets some sleep.

Now I'm getting about 4-5 hours a night and I'm completely exhausted as he's had broken sleep for around 2 months now (mainly due to teething/development spurt, as he'd been going 10 hours straight before he hit 5.5 months) and its now getting worse - I have nothing in reserve.

Please can someone help?? Advise??? Experienced this??? Heeeeeeeelp!!! Please!!

Brankolium Fri 07-Oct-16 14:07:16

It's so hard isn't it.

When you go to the sofa in the night, is there any reason why you can't go to your bed so that you get better rest?

ZZZZ1111 Fri 07-Oct-16 15:02:11

I feel you, it's so exhausting isn't it. My 8 month old has always been a wakeful guy especially since about 4 months. We co sleep most of the time now and it's saved my bacon. Could you do the same? Some naps he also likes to be held (for at least part of it). I think this is just typical behaviour for babies! They feel safe and warm that way! I think stressing about it just doesn't help matters. I'm trying to relax about it now and just trust that my baby knows what he needs and i need to go with it! Check out the gentle sleep book (has a website) and also "the milk Meg" if you're breastfeeding.

Orsono Fri 07-Oct-16 18:15:19

I would also suggest trying co-sleeping for now,at least for part of the night. It would actually be safer to fall asleep in a planned way in bed with him than to accidentally fall asleep on the sofa holding him, which is so easy to do when you're exhausted.

ODog Fri 07-Oct-16 19:14:12

Definitely cosleep. Don't worry about rods and backs. Do what you need to get sleep. Is he crawling yet? DS was like this whenever he was about to achieve a big milestone.

Are you bf? If so feed him off to sleep lying down on your side with him on his side facing you and then roll away stealthily when he's asleep. Obviously this only works if you go down the cosleeping route.

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