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plum100 Fri 07-Oct-16 13:13:34

Hello. I am looking for some inspiration for things to do with our 3 dc 7,10,13. They dont have any hobbies, they have tried lots of things- music lessons, dance lessons, gym, but gave up after a while. The weekends are ofter spent wondering whT to do. I want to do some good things with them that they enjoy so can you share with me what you are all up to. For example friends of theirs have climbed snowdonia. I dont mind if they dont have hobbies but i would like our time together to count. I believe they are still waiting to be hooked by something they love. We have a park run for kids nearby- 2 km- i think i might do that with them next week that may lead to something.... I was also thinkin of joining a martial arts groups as a family but they dont seem that keen, any help would be appreciated- when i google it suggest autumn welly walks!!

BackforGood Fri 07-Oct-16 13:20:11

I think at that age they will start to be moving away from 'wanting to do things as a family'. You need to find things that inspire them - which may well be completely different for each dc

Mine (from that age onwards) have done
Drama (ds), triathlon (ds), football (dd2), basketball (dd2), kayaking (dd1) rock climbing (dd1)
All of them heavily involved in Scouts, which have provided them with SO many opportunities to do SO many different things - camping, walking, all kinds of water sports, travelling the world, playing chess, grafitti art, planning and leadership roles, traffic management/stewarding roles, sports competitions against others, cooking, etc.,etc.,etc. - great as it means you get to 'taste' all sorts of activities as a one off.

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