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Affordable organic clothes?

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user1475812508 Fri 07-Oct-16 05:09:15


I am pregnant with my first a lovely any boy and am quite stressed about ensuring I avoid chemicals for my baby after reading up on the subject.

Where can I buy affordable organic basic clothes I am on a tight budget?
I saw some in lidl the other day and am kicking myself for not buying loads now they are gone.

And what would be the most basics I need, I am confused by sizes and clothing options want to keep things simple?

Many thanks,

lamprey42 Fri 07-Oct-16 05:14:16

H&m do an organic range. There are also a lot of second hand Facebook selling pages for frugi and the like.

Konyaa Fri 07-Oct-16 05:45:19

Unkess you are super rich you'd be better off really sitting and weighing out the claimed pros and consider this. This has no end. Are you also replacing all household furniture objects everything at school, and can you really truly do this to the whole world he encounters? And if not, it will begin to become an obsession?

Why not just leave it, lead a moderately balanced life like the millions of folk out there and enjoy a stress free pregnancy?

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