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Getting baby out of sling

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Luckystar1 Thu 06-Oct-16 16:19:37

My DD is 9 weeks old. She is doing well, but, is ONLY happy in the sling, with me, all day long.

I can't put her down for longer than 5 minutes or it's complete breakdown.

My DS is almost 2, and he was a terrible sleeper. I spent days of my life getting him to nap.

I suspect (know!) that DD is only sleeping well during the day as she is on me. SHe has never once napped outside of the sling. She even screams in the car...

I am well and truly sick of being permanently attached to her. I get zero time to myself. I am sick of being mauled all day long.

I give her to DH for 10 mins to get into my pyjamas/brush teeth. That usually results in dissatisfied crying.

I know all about 4th trimester etc, but I need a break.

So how do I get her the fuck off me???

spacefrog35 Thu 06-Oct-16 16:27:32

What have you already tried? Have you swaddled her, tried a 'baby pod' type arrangement (I used towels rolled up in a pillowcase), tried putting her down on a tshirt you've been wearing?

bakedappleflavour Thu 06-Oct-16 16:31:08

Sleepyhead? Worked wonders for us.

Rumtopf Thu 06-Oct-16 16:33:35

Could she have reflux and dislike any position apart from upright because of acid?
Have you seen those babacush vibrating cushions that the baby hugs like a person?

katienana Thu 06-Oct-16 16:36:32

Feed her and then give her to your dh. Get.him to take her for a walk. Agree on ten minutes minimum at first, if she's ok he stays out longer.

Luckystar1 Thu 06-Oct-16 16:38:53

We swaddle, dummy, sleepyhead, sleep on her side, swing chair, bouncy chair, dark room, white noise... nothing works. She will literally stay awake until I put her in the sling (could be 2 hours, I've tried...), then she'll sleep instantly.

She is swaddled at night and sleeps in the sleepyhead on her side and sleeps ok.

I'm just becoming slightly concerned that it's getting worse. She used to transfer, while sleeping, into the car seat. But now she wakes and stays awake until back in the sling.

Having had awful problems with DS I just can't go through it all again, but similarly, I don't have the expanse of time to dedicate to it that I did with him.

JagerPlease Fri 07-Oct-16 10:27:00

Have you tried getting DH to sling her to at least give you a break?

DeadGood Fri 07-Oct-16 12:48:15

Agree with your partner taking over all along duties (when he's available)

Luckystar1 Fri 07-Oct-16 19:33:42

DH is great and does everything in the evenings and deals with DS.

He does take DD but she often falls asleep while feeding in the evening when he's home and will wake if I move her. She's an adorable pain in the bum!!

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