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kkoontz Thu 06-Oct-16 04:08:30

My sons a week old he's has jaundice since day 2, and was under light therapy now has to get blood work everyday but his levels aren't going down, I'm a first time mom and don't know much about it...Iv been breast feeding but now the doctors want me to feed formula every other feeding cause it could have to do with my milk, I'm to the point where I'm ok going 100% formula but I don't know what's best...looking for some advice

isthistoonosy Thu 06-Oct-16 05:07:20

My dc2 had similar jaundice, light therapy and I was told first to.switch to expressing to maximise time under / on the lights.
I switched to formula on the advice of my midwife and the pediatrician as expressing wasn't working and she needed the lights more.

flowers congratulations

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