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How could I make my boy happy?

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ElizGrady Wed 05-Oct-16 13:25:54

Hi mums,
I need your suggestions. My little kid is very depressed and sad cause his friend had moved to another place. I had no option left now. Last two days I took leave and was staying with him but I can take any more leaves. I was sending him to kindergarten but he is not fine there too. It is being 2 months now but there is no change in his attitude. I think that he might change if I had given more options for him to play. I thought to rent games and fun stuff for him, something like this www.abbeyroadentertainment.com/event-services/event-rentals/game-rentals/inflatable-games/, inflatable might work well. I think it is safe too. I am looking for cheap game rentals for him in Toronto. I hadn't found any other methods to make him happy. Are there any alternative methods to cheer him? Any suggestions?

Badhairday1001 Wed 05-Oct-16 13:34:17

Sorry your son is feeling so sad. My little girl was the same when her best friend moved away, very sad and missed her little friend a lot.
I would focus less on making him happy with buying him things and more on helping him become more resilient. Talk about what has happened and how things do change which can be difficult but thungs will be ok again and get easier. Help him to nurture some new friendships. He will be ok, it's fine to miss somebody but life has to carry on.

steppemum Wed 05-Oct-16 13:41:40

I think with the best of intentions, you have made this much worse.
If he was happy at kindergarten beofre, then he would be better off there. It is a bright and busy environment, full of interesting things to do. He will get distracted, and play with other childrn, and gradually he will make new friends.

A good kindergarten will also help him to pair up with other children if he is struggling or on his own.

With young childre, they follow your lead, so if you express it is sad, but also move on to new things, he will copy. If you spend a lot of time dwelling on it, he will too.

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