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second child on the way...advice with looking after 2 kids please

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DoIKnowWhatImDoing Sat 01-Oct-16 23:56:34

Hi there

I have a DD aged 16 months and currently expecting DS in December. Can anyone give me some advice on routines and looking after 2 kids please?

Liskee Sun 02-Oct-16 01:19:48

It's mad! I have a 19 month gap between my 2. DS2 is now 12 weeks old and really he just fits in around DS1s already existing routine.

Naptimes are as and when depending on what we're doing, and are often taken in the sling or the pram, although I do encourage a 'big sleep' when DS1 goes for his lunchtime nap.

Bath time is straight after DS1s bath and bedtime is when DS2 falls asleep somewhere between 9 and 11pm. We're co sleeping to help with breastfeeding lots during the night, and we get up when DS1 gets up about 6.30/7. I figure both DSs will eventually be in the same routine so following it where possible helps instill good habits. I am employing an anything for an easy life strategy during these early months though, so there's rather a lot of TV, a few more snacks and standards for cleaning and tidying have lowered!

I'm not going to lie, it's been really, really hard but this week we may have turned a corner as everything seemed a lot less fraught and difficult...

And much more fun smile)

Congratulations! And Good Luck!!

chocoholic89 Sun 02-Oct-16 01:31:18

Aaaaaaaarrrh! Lol I have a 2 and 3 yr old. They drive me potty! Enjoy ur newborn as much as you can it is amazing them both cuddling up to you and them being sweet. Atm my two love each other them fighting the next! Hardwork but you have to learn to rationalise.
I love my two very much but b coz they are so close to age and learning it cam be tough but so rewarding at the same time! Take a step back and ignore relatives advise do as you wish and what you to think is right. X

chocoholic89 Sun 02-Oct-16 01:36:28

I also co slept was the best thing I did coz I got my sleep and rest aswel.

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