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OCD, postnatal anxiety & pets

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gemsparkle84 Fri 30-Sep-16 11:39:01

I don't know if I'm posting in the right place but then again I don't know what the right place would be!!! I've just had my first baby- ages £ months old. MY LIFE. I've always had OCD and anxiety, in particular health anxiety. Since my little girl was born this has caused me to wash my hands hundreds of times per day and other obsessions. I'm slowly managing to heal and to let her be a baby- she loves putting things in her mouth and playing rolling on the floor etc but there are still some hurdles I can't manage to climb over. It's a constant source of arguments between my husband and I as somewhere along the way I have forgotten 'normal' behaviour, acceptable levels of risk etc and finding it hard to get back to a 'normal' way of thinking. We're in our thirties and before DD came along had 5 dogs and 2 cats. We walked our dogs twice a day, every day. I even did this upto being 39 weeks pregnant. My issues recently are that I find it so difficult to deal with the poo side of things. I still walk our dogs (although now we have 3) and pick the poo up, wash my hands and am able to move on. My problem is centered around before she was born we would allow the dogs to toilet in the garden, we regularly picked up- either every day or definitely every other day. But the poo was still there. As the dogs live outside we have now sectioned off an area of garden for them and they haven't been on our section of garden for around 3 months. I know that parasites can live in the ground for years and I don't know how I will ever face letting my DD use the garden come next spring when she's going to want to be enjoying the garden. It's making me want to move house! I don't know what to do. I never walk the dogs with my daughter, we always do it without and wait until my husband gets back from work and he does it before he goes. Are there any parents out there who walk there dogs with their babies? How do you wash your hands? Do you take hand sanitizer? Sorry for babbling. Hope someone can help X

beginnersewer Fri 30-Sep-16 16:10:52

Just some thoughts in case they're helpful:
I presume you worm your dogs regularly using something reliable? This will reduce the amount of worm eggs in the garden.
I don't have a dog but know loads of people who walk their dogs and children together so it is a normal thing to do. If you use a bag that you turn inside out to pick up the poo you are not actually touching the poo so your hands aren't dirty (though if you have anxiety in this area already I can see how that would be difficult to accept).
I suppose it's also worth remembering all the benefits of growing up with pets to balance out the worries? There are some serious scientific studies showing benefits to children.

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