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Hair Pulling

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artlessflirt Thu 29-Sep-16 19:46:05

DD is 11 months old. Hair has become her comforter; i have desperately tried to get her attached to something that isn't hair but she isn't having any of it.

She can be very gentle, and now that she has her own hair she finds that quite soothing.

My problem is that she has started pulling my hair quite hard, and finds it funny when I react. I try and keep my hair tied back but this isn't always the case and she can go from fiddling to full on grabbing a handful and tugging in seconds.

I sternly say no, I put her away from me, I tell her to be gentle and have demonstrated what gentle means. But she will not stop doing it and it hurts!! It's impossible not to react because it really hurts and the more I tell her no when she's pulling (it seems) the harder she pulls!

What more can I do to put a stop to this?

Sun1983 Thu 29-Sep-16 20:04:24

Hi I'm keeping an eye on replies for this I'm in exactly the same situ! Tried other comforters etc too. And when I say No move him away all the same as you he just laughs at me....he's 8 month...what you supposed to say or do with an 8 month old?!

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