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Cried in front of the kids

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WittyCakeMeister Thu 29-Sep-16 17:22:50

Today I lost it in front of the kids then cried. Shouted loads of random statements into the air about how much I just want my 1 year old to take a nap and that I'm failing at everything, then cried.

I know you are not supposed to do that. Anyone else cried in front of the kids because they feel they are not coping?

My 1 year old hardly sleeps in the day. I find it really difficult. If my 3 year old is at home with us as well, I feel I can't get anything done.
- Can't spend quality time with 1yo as 3oy tries to get my attention.
- Can't spend quality time with 3yo as 1yo jeopardises it or needs constantly watching as he's into everything.
- Can't clean the house as feelng terribly guilty about not spending quality time - house is a state. If I do do other stuff, it's cooking the meals or urgent housework.

There seems hardly anything that works as a joint activity. 1yo not interested in sitting listening to a story book. Even the park was not an option today as the grass was wet and 1yo not walking, so could not let him crawl and get filthy. He got bored quickly and we had to go home.

House is also a DIY disaster - a project we thought we'd take on then realised we didn't have time.

This evening I'm working for a few hours and I've had to rush my planning for that (I'm a Tutor) so feel I'm not even as prepared as I'd like to be. I can understand why people return to work (I only work 2 hours a week). At least you can feel 'successful' in something that is 'for you'.

I literally feel like I'm failing in every area. My 1yo doesn't go to bed until 9am (won't fall asleep), so I only have 1 hour to myself every day to 'do something' without children around. My husband is helpful but we don't have any family near-by and no childcare help (except 3yo pre-school). Can't afford to put youngest in nursery as well.

Feeling a bit down and frustrated. Please share your stories.

tintinenamerique Thu 29-Sep-16 18:05:39

Have posted about my two (3 months and 2). I frequently cry in front of them and then feel awful. Toddler cries often for daddy which makes me feel dreadful. Just about coming out of newborn trenches and really feel I need to make more effort to be nice mummy and not scary crying mummy for them (older one particularly). Don't have any advice I'm afraid. I think the feeling that you can't do everything well is typical as you become a mum, becomes worse when you gave another and is at its peak when you throw work into the mix too.

myfriendnigel Thu 29-Sep-16 18:12:01

I've done it before long as you Aren't telling them it's their fault constantly I can't see anything working with kids seeing that their parents are human beings who have bad days and feel crap sometimes.

Tiredqueen87 Thu 29-Sep-16 18:42:10

I did it once. DD likes to remind me 'remember when you cried because you thought you were a bad mum'
I've never done it again

Lionthewitchandme Thu 29-Sep-16 20:24:27

This happened to me the other morning.
Trying to get DD4 ready for school but DS3months had been crying since 5am and wouldn't be put down, got so frustrated I started ranting to myself and angrily crying confused moment soon passed though and I felt a bit of a fool letting my daughter see me like that! we all need an outburst every now and then though wine

blondieblonde Thu 29-Sep-16 20:45:55

Errrr... yes, about once a month. Don't worry!

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