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New UppaBaby Vista Double - as good as the hype?

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LongingforNeptune Wed 28-Sep-16 18:00:15

Hi Mumsnet!
My second baby is due around Xmas - First will be 25 months old.
We are planning to get the new Uppababy Vista which has a lot of press and recommendations for its double buggy flexibility.
Is it as good as they say?
It looks great - and I will want to use the bassinet for the baby as well as an infant car seat and it seems to work well with those and the toddler seat.
I have the old Uppababy Vista and really like it...
Thanks all!

almmummy Thu 29-Sep-16 16:41:24

Pros: So versatile - I have a nosy six-month-old so I face him out on top and dd1 sits on the lower seat.
Nice and long, not huge and wide
Really easy to assemble/disassemble
Nice colour schemes
Really nice in solo mode if you have days with just one child

Cons - bassinet can only go on the lower level which aforementioned nosy baby HATED - I wish it had gone on the top
I had to buy an extra strap for the rumble seat as the straps are really easy for toddlers to stretch - my daughter nearly leapt out!
Heavy with a toddler up front but to be fair this will be the same no matter what pram you have...

LongingforNeptune Wed 12-Oct-16 10:41:55

Thanks almmummy!

firsttimemothergoose Wed 12-Oct-16 18:33:20

Do you need it though? I have the old vista with a newborn and 22month old. I bought the rumble seat but it's only been used twice. I use the bassinet with the buggy board and toddler walks or goes on the board. Depends how you use the buggy I suppose. I would use it for toddler to sleep and put baby in sling if needed but haven't needed to yet.
Just wondering if it's worth the extra cost?

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