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3rd Baby? Yes or no?

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Champers4Pampers Wed 28-Sep-16 11:12:46

I'm sure this topic has possibly been done over and over again. I understand that ultimately it's my decision but just looking for opinions really.

DH & I have discussed having another baby. I'm really torn.

On one hand I'm really broody & in my heart I would love another baby. I feel that it would complete our family. I'm worried that if I don't do it, it will always be a "what if" hanging over me.

My head says think of the extra cost, logistics -car, childcare etc. We would have to do loft conversion to allow children a room each but not a major job as it's an older house & stairs are already there so space isn't really an issue. Money wise DH has a good job & it may mean things being a bit tight with Mat leave but still ok. He works away for 4 weeks at a time so a bit apprehensive of being at on my own with 3 kids. Holidays would cost more with 3 kids.

I'm 35 so this is a decision I would like to make sooner rather than later.

I'm looking for opinions. Those of you that have had 3, how does it work for you? Are you happy? Anything you would do differently?

Anyone who thought about having a 3rd but decided against it. What were your reasons? Any regrets?

winteriscoming1 Wed 28-Sep-16 12:27:43

You sound just like me at 35, my middle dd started at infant school and I suddenly felt that my family wasn't complete and that I wanted a third baby. My husband was very shocked to say the least but he always wanted a big family so was quite happy. I became utterly obsessed but was also very apprehensive how it would impact on our lives now that the older two were at school and we had finally got the babyhood years behind us.
Anyway we decided we would try and I fell pregnant 4 months later. I was 35, and 36 when I had her. Exciting birth as well, I delivered her myself on the bedroom floor, from waters breaking to giving birth it was 10 minutes. For us it was the best decision we had ever made. I found I enjoyed the 3rd so much more as I could concentrate on her all day while the older two were at school and I wasn't so stressed as I'd done it all twice before. I just found everything so much easier with none of the paranoid worrying about everything, she slotted in really easy to family life and my ds and dd adored looking after her.
We didn't find it a big extra cost, although we did have to buy a bigger car (we would've bought another one anyway) and moved house so that they could all have their own bedroom but we had kept all the baby stuff. She does get all the hand me downs but babies don't care about that.
Yes, holidays cost a bit more but I've found I've became a bargain hunter, finding vouchers and half price deals on things.
My DH works very hard and I am on my own a lot, I don't find it hard although you do need to be super organised, my other two were great at helping out, they felt it made them more grown up. It really pulled us all together as a family.
I haven't regretted it for one second, my 'baby' is now nearly 4 and I love having 3 kids. I now feel as though my family is complete.
Good luck with whatever you decide.

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