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toddler room/nursery ideas - how to make it special and what colours

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justonesherryformedicinalpurpo Tue 27-Sep-16 14:35:45

Hi all. I have two DDS (19mo and 7wks) who will share a room. I want something mystical and beautiful and I'm leaning towards a woodland theme but I can't decide on colours.

I am going to purchase these woodland wall stickers:

which I will either group together or dot around the room but what colour walls should I have? It is a small room with a large-ish window. I was thinking lavender but does that go? Cherry blossom perhaps? Not really feeling natural shades or shades of blue/green as we already have a lot of that throughout the flat.

I am finding this room the most difficult so colour advice would be most appreciated!

And how did you kit our your LO's rooms to make them special/cosy. Perhaps some fairy lights..

Help help! I've waited so long to decorate a nursery and now I can't think!

Thank you!

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