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My 8 year old boy keeps wetting my bed

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lukeymom Mon 26-Sep-16 23:15:55

I'm a single parent and months ago he decided he would wait until I went to bed as he was too scared he'd say.He'd share his room with his little brother.No matter what I say to get him to go to bed he won't.So he stays up till about 10.30pm.He will usually go to sleep on the sofa. Because of him wetting I make him wear pull up nappies but they don't work.
I put him to bed,then I find he will make his way into my room. He wets the bed about twice a week. Now I have just went to bed 10mins ago.He came into me and went fast asleep. So after he wet himself again.His clothes are wet as well as the bed and me. I tried waking him but he's in a deep sleep.I managed to take his clothes off and change him but I have also shouted at him to go to the toilet but he won't .I have left him on top of the bed and I am sleeping on sofa.I am just so fed up of it.I'm suffering with the flu as well.

Mycraneisfixed Mon 26-Sep-16 23:24:17

Not his fault he's bed wetting. Those nappies don't hold enough wee. But he's old enough to know why he can't sleep in your bed. Assuming you use a waterproof mattress protector plus disposable bedmats on his bed?
You're the parent! He goes to bed when you say and you have to be calm but firm. It'll be hard at first because he's used to you being pathetic and giving in. But if you man up and stand firm he will go to bed when you say and where you say.

northlundunmum Mon 26-Sep-16 23:24:21

Oh sounds like you are having it tough♥️. Apparently there's a hormone we all produce to stop filling out bladder at night - for some kids this hormone doesn't kick in til much later than others. It's perfectly normal and your GP can help you figure out of its that or something else. Is that us the problem then gp can prescribe a drug to help regulate his wee hormone at night. If it's something else they can help with that too. Get a GP appt in the morning and get it sorted. Hope you get some sleep tonight. Xx

Wolfiefan Mon 26-Sep-16 23:31:08

He won't?
If it is real anxiety seek advice. Or keep returning him to his bed.
Layers are your friend. Waterproof layer then sheet. I know some people make multiple layers so they only have to strip one off.
Reduce evening drinks.
Wake for a dream wee when you go to bed.
At 8 are the night pants big enough? Can you get larger ones?

teablanket Mon 26-Sep-16 23:34:31

Dry nites pants are so much more effective than any other brand I've found. I'd suggest moving to those (they have an 8-15yr size) ASAP.

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