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I am in potty training hell - Please please help me!!!

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michellescene Mon 26-Sep-16 19:14:00

Hi all,

slightly long post so please bear with. I started potty training my DD when she was around 2.5yrs. After a week or so she started to get it and was eventually after a month average 1 or 2 accidents a day at nursery and sometimes no accidents. She was very good at saying when she needed a wee as well as just being put on the toilet. Its now been 3 months since I started potty training.

About 1 month ago, we moved house. our dd seemed to settle in so well at nursery straight away and seemed to love the house. Then about two weeks ago she started doing 3 accidents a day both at nursery and home. Nursery was assuring me they were taking her to the toilet regularly and I witnessed myself how she would pee on the couch despite the potty being right in front of her.

One day she weed 6 times in an afternoon. At that point nursery said the wee smelt quite strong so we took her to the docs. the results were not conclusive as the pee sample was not great re an infection, but she got put on antibiotics and she went from lots of little wees to going back to normal weeing - the smell and the frequency of little wees were the only symptoms fyi.

She then went back to her 3 accidents a day at nursery - i got results back from the proper wee sample that said mixed bacteria, but i have not witnessed any evidence to say that she still has a pee infection so left it.

The problem as i saw it is that 60% of the time our dd would say she needed a wee wee so i felt maybe we were just expecting too much and assumed she was potty trained, when in reality and although she had been better at controlling herself, she was still effectively in training and we just needed to be patient with her.

Today i picked her up from nursery having begged the staff to take her to the toilet more frequently as the day before we had finally succeeded in one day of no accidents. she had FOUR accidents - they told me they were taking her every half an hour and she was just doing it in between.

In addition they said today she had been pushing children quite forcefully - this is totally out of character for her - yes she is a little horror at times and can be a little aggressive but no more than most toddlers and she has never behaved like this at nursery.

So now I just feel totally lost and helpless - I have no idea what to do about the potty situation, i have no idea if despite seeming as though she is a happy and jolly child, she is in fact been deeply affected by the move or whether she still has a wee problem or whether she still has an infection - but there is no real evidence of this.

I can go to docs again and rule out infection, but then what - if it is psychological how on earth do i overcome this? Do i put her back in pull ups which seems like a real backwards steps. Do i persevere??

Please please any advice and help would be amazing and stop me from going out of my mind.

ODog Mon 26-Sep-16 20:38:27

I would put her back in pull ups and start again from scratch when she's a bit more settled. It doesn't sound like she was really ready if she was always having quite a few accidents. DS literally started just using the toilet/potty of his own accord and we have had 2/3 accidents in the 3 weeks since we put him in pants and he is dry at night. Maybe wait until she is ready to do it without constant badgering to go to the loo.

Sugarcoma Mon 26-Sep-16 21:42:35

Is she also drinking more than usual? If so the frequent peeing plus uncharacteristic aggressiveness could possibly be symptoms of Type 1 diabetes and I would take her back to the GP to get tested. Really hope it's not and it's all just a phase but worth checking out flowers

neversleepagain Mon 26-Sep-16 21:46:21

Shes not ready, potty training shouldn't take 3 months, a few days really.

She is getting as upset as you are with the constant accidents. Try again in a couple of months.

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