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activities with 6 month old

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Leicfox1 Mon 26-Sep-16 15:20:45

My nearly 6 month old boy seems to be in a bit of a transitional period. He used to stay on his play gym and in his bouncer chair happily for up to 30 minutes, allowing me to eat or do some chores. But now he gets bored after a few minutes an cries until picked up. The only thing he seems to really like is his jumperoo. He isn't even as enthusiastic as he used to be about walks or trips to the shops, he used to love looking at leaves on trees or lights in the shops. He just seems bored most of the time now. I read to him, which he usually likes, and he sometimes still enjoys his mobile and light show toy.

He can't roll, crawl or sit unaided yet. I wonder if he's a bit frustrated at not being mobile because his arms and legs go crazy when doing tummy time but he hasn'tworked out how to get on all fours to actually move. But maybe thus is why he hates being on his back now?

Would love to know what others do with 6 month old babies, as the days seem to be dragging on at the moment. Thanks!

mouldycheesefan Mon 26-Sep-16 15:28:08

Do you go to any groups? Letting him roll about in a different environment can be a change of scene.
Putting music on and dancing about with him?
Giving him things that make a noise
Perhaps some new toys for Xmas, 12-18 month ones
They are still excited by leaves and puddles and going to the post office aged 4 so I wouldn't worry about him being bored of everyday life just yet.

LittleTalks Mon 26-Sep-16 15:31:49

No real advice, but plenty of sympathy and placemarking to hear suggestions. DS is also 6m can't roll and only sits unsupported until he tries to grab something out of reach and face plants. He spends large portions of his day in a grump because of this. We have had some success with an inflatable play ring but that is about it. Swimming and long baths with DH also keep him happy for longer periods!

Famalam13 Mon 26-Sep-16 15:45:22

DS was the same at that age and I think it is frustration at not being mobile. He is now almost 8mo and can crawl and is so much happier. Can play independently for short periods and is happy in his pushchair looking out at the world. For now you probably just have to grit your teeth and get as much company as possible. It passes soon smile

Pipsicola Mon 26-Sep-16 16:33:48

I just try to be active and out the house as much as possible with my 6 month old. We go to a couple of groups a week which she really enjoys to interact with other babies. Pram walks nearly everyday, talking and singing to her as we go (people think I'm strange). I'm not sure necessarily they are bored in the pram, certainly still take everything in and I still think she benefits from going different places and seeing different things, even if she isn't frantically excited.

If we are at home it can be hard at times but she loves her jumperoo and being on the floor surrounded by toys (bright colours and noisy). A good sing song with music always goes down well too.

Blueberryblueberry Mon 26-Sep-16 19:02:13

Once they can sit unaided it's a bit easier - how is he for holding/grasping things? He may be a bit young yet but making "treasure baskets" has kept my two happy between 6-12 mth-ish. Basically basket of some sort with different bits and bobs in for them to explore touch/texture/sound etc. Obv need supervision but things like a whisk, metal serving spoon, pastry brush, - huge shell from holiday, an old cd etc etc. Current lo takes them out one by one exploring them. Around that age my two loves playing with/rolling around with one of those foil blankets you get in first aid kits/at the end of marathons. So basically things that aren't actually toys grin

Coconut0il Mon 26-Sep-16 21:08:36

I always tried to break up the day by popping out. Just something different to look at. Sitting in the trolley at Tesco or out at the park. Groups were good as DS2 always liked watching other children .

Leicfox1 Wed 28-Sep-16 21:23:33

Thanks for the responses. We don't go to many groups tbh, I find them difficult (I'm quite shy), also my son catnaps but sometimes has a long nap (1-1.5 hours) in the morning and I don't want to disturb him then to go to a group (most are in the morning here).

He's getting better at sitting and I think this is helping. He's good at holding things, but everything ends up in his mouth so Im only letting him have things that wipe clean easily and won't hurt if he accidently drops it on his face or something. He could probably do with a few more things to play with that i don't mind him trying to eat.

I think he probably does still like going out, he's just not as enthusiastic as before. I try to break up the day by going out after his first nap midmorning, usually to the shops, and again in the afternoon for a walk in the push chair. If the timing is right then one of those is replaced by a playgroup. We went to one this morning, and he just wanted me to hold him while he looked around, he wasn't interested in playing with anything and cried when I put him down on a playmat. But I've been to another quieter group where he has played, so maybe it was just the noise level today that put him off.

evilgiraffe Thu 29-Sep-16 13:03:09

For getting chores done my 6mo likes to be in her jumperoo or the highchair - she is definitely frustrated at not being able to move, even though she can roll well and seems pretty close to crawling. The highchair and music (especially if I sing along) help a lot - I think she likes the higher vantage point so she can see what I'm doing more easily (washing up, how exciting grin ).

Of course it could be that he's feeling under the weather (mine currently has a cold and is quite sad), or teething, neither of which will give him any more patience.

almmummy Thu 29-Sep-16 18:28:55

Have you weaned baby? When my daughter was slightly older she loved being propped in a high chair (we used one of those inflatable neck pillows to wedge her in) and she's chew on the end of a French stick for ages! My DS is six months but actually a bit easier to entertain after months of screaming in seats/on mats. He does get cross if he can't do something (like grab a toy etc) so we get the frustration in different ways

Nottalotta Sat 01-Oct-16 18:42:59

When ds was that age and a bit older, he would stay in his highchair after breakfast with something to gnaw on. Then a toy or two. It gave me chance to get moat of the washing up/ morning jobs done. Then into the jumperoo where he would be happy for another 20 minutes.

He was always a few steps away from me, and I would sing, dance etc to keep him entertained, or duck behind the door and play hidey boo.

Leicfox1 Tue 04-Oct-16 11:05:20

Blueberry, sorry I missed your foil blanket suggestion earlier, but yes I think he would enjoy that. Thanks.

Evilgiraffe, yes he is teething at the moment (had a meltdown in asda yesterday), so I'm sure that contributes.

Almmummy, started we leaving this weekend. He's not been impressed so far with puree or vegetable sticks, but has sat in the highchair for a little while after feeding. I bought a toy yesterday that sticks onto the tray so that kept him occupied for 10 minutes or so.

I also got some stacking rings, and he was happy to roll around on the floor with those for a whlie, trying to lick them abd bang against the floor.

Thanks for the suggestions, hopefully he will be mobile soon and happier. I'll also try to get out to more groups as he us starting to take an interest in other children now

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