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11 month not settling/sleeping after holiday

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NUTLEY22 Thu 22-Sep-16 02:05:23


I was wondering if all of you lovely people and mums could give me a little advice. We have recently returned from a 2 week holiday in Mexico. My DS (11 months) was in a really good eating and sleeping routine. He would have 2 naps a day for approx an hour one in morning one in mid afternoon and then we would bath, milk, book and be in bed at 6.30pm most nights and would wake at around 7am. DS always slept in his own bed.

We went on holiday and had no problems on the flights and tried to keep the same routine, there was odd late night (latest 9pm) but there was no bath and his cot was in the same room as us! We did the best we could and he settled quickly.

Advice I am after is that since we have returned I have done the normal routine which he goes to sleep but then is up at 9.30pm and then will not settle until around 4am. He screams when he wakes and when we go into sooth him he is having none of it, he doesn't want you to pick him, no cuddles, no reading and he is crying and screaming because he is tired but when we try to settle him he won't go to sleep! We have tried softly speaking 'you are a big boy and sleeping in your own bed is good and you are doing well' didn't work! We have tried leaving him to cry for 5, 10, 15 mins and soothing him and hasn't worked! We have had him up playing and reading books and he just screams! Nothing seems to be working and we have resulted with him sleeping in our bed which I loath just to get some sleep as seems to be only way to settle him as we have only been getting hour sleep at night. Frustrating part for me is the times he is waking he would have been in bed in Mexico anyways!

I'm really at a loss I'm going back to work on Friday 23rd and I'm really worried about him as he is going to stay with grandma (as work 12 hr shifts) but if he is suffering from separation anxiety I don't want him to get worse! Sorry if TMI but he has also suffered a runny bum 2 days before returning home which seems to be getting better since we've retuned home! I think he is possible teething and he is always on his feet cruising in furniture too and think this is playing a big part!

Because I am so tired and my return to work is looming I can't get in the mind set to sleep train, but hopefully after weekend work I can really concentrate on doing this on Monday! Any advice is willing as at min I never want to take him away again 

ODog Thu 22-Sep-16 22:01:25

Sounds like a development thing that has coincided with your trip. I would knock the big boy in your own bed talk on the head. He's waaaaaay too young to grasp that as a concept. Also my 2yo doesn't want to be 'big' if it is something he doesn't want to do and will play at being a baby to compensate. He's 11mo so he is definitely not big and defo still a baby.

Why do you loathe cosleeping? If it's helping everyone sleep and soothing your baby then I would roll with it while he's having a tough time. I get its not for everyone though but if it's just the concept and rod for your back connotations but not the actual doing then I would ignore the nay-Sayers and do it.

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