Inguinal hernia

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verytiredmummy1 Wed 21-Sep-16 18:31:57

My DS (8 weeks old) is having an op for his inguinal hernia soon. I'm really frightened. Has anyone else's DC had he op. What should I expect on the day and after?

JaggyThistleLovesArchie Thu 22-Sep-16 13:31:20

My dd had this when she was a few weeks old. It was fine and she was her normal self within a day or so.

They have to fast for a few hours pre-op - I can't remember how long exactly but the time for fasting depends on whether they get breast milk or formula (a slightly longer fast for formula).

On the day, a nursing assistant accompanied me and dd to the operating theatre and I handed dd to the anethetist who took her in for the op. The nursing assistant stayed with me for a while to make sure I was ok and then I went for a coffee. When dd came out she was very groggy but also hungry. She fed a wee bit on and off and slept on me for most of the day. She seemed to be much like herself come the evening. She was in overnight just to check she got over the general anesthetic ok. I stayed in a room nearby as I was bf and we went home the following morning. Dd was largely her usual self by then - still quite hungry and sleepy but otherwise fine. They gave me some calpol to take home with a specially calculated dose as dd was very small. I think I gave dd a dose of it once but she didn't need it after that.

She had stitches that dissolve in the creases in her groin which disappeared within a few days. It is over a year ago now and you can't see where the incision was at all.

Your ds will be absolutely fine - it is a really common procedure. It will be more stressful for you than him to be honest.

verytiredmummy1 Thu 22-Sep-16 18:37:17

Thank you for your reply. How long did the actual surgery take? I'm so nervous!!

JaggyThistleLovesArchie Thu 22-Sep-16 19:25:51

Not long at all - just over an hour.

The part I found hardest was trying to make sure I was calm round dd so she didn't pick up on my stress and nervousness.

GrassIsJewelled Fri 23-Sep-16 20:35:44

My DS had this surgery at the same age. He was allowed to drink breastmilk until four hours before, and water until two hours. I made sure to offer him plenty of opportunities to feed/drink in the run up. I took several different types of dummy and although he didn't take to one long term, luckily he did take one on the day as he started getting a bit grissly before he went to surgery and they were running behind.

I stayed with him right up until he was unconscious on the bed from the gas and then said my teary goodbyes! I don't remember how long it took but I took myself off to the canteen to wait.

He was really upset when I went to pick him up and was too upset to take the breast even though he must have been starving. It felt like he was crying for ages but it was actually only an hour. Bouncing up and down vigorously soothed (or confused!) him but he still was too tired / upset for the breast so we took the instant aptimil bottle that was offered to us and he guzzled it and fell asleep. I pumped and stored it in the fridge in the ward kitchen. He then woke up normally to breastfeed a few hours later.

We brought a blanket from home that would have the smells he was used to. It was really hot in the children's ward so he lay on it rather than having it over him and he just slept in a vest (and this was n the middle of winter)

I was really frazzled and emotional after the whole day so my husband took over for a few hours.

We found that laying him with his head/shoulders and legs raised on pillows took the pressure off his groin. We made sure the nurses kept up with the pain relief (calpol and ibuprofen). We were released the next day and he was pretty much back to normal, happy self. We kept up the pain relief at home but he only needed it for a few days.

He's now two and it's all a distant memory. He has a very fine scar in his groin but it's getting less noticeable all the time. At the time it was very scary, but looking back it was all absolutely fine....even the bawling!

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