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Is today just one of those days?

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fruityb Tue 20-Sep-16 14:30:25

DS usually wakes around 7 and goes to sleep after a feed till around 11 then sleeps from around 12 till around 4, give or take. He's 4 weeks old on Thursday.

Today he has only slept on me and wakes within minutes of me putting him down. He has screamed the house down when he has. He's had a 5oz bottle at 11 and has had boob in two sessions since. He falls asleep but I can't put him down without him waking. I have got nothing done today and only got dressed an hour ago. Was going to take him for a walk till it started bastard raining! I'm feeling drained and have had a bowl of coco pops all day - which he slept long enough for me to eat before waking up.

I had a c section so still can't do loads. My OH is great but he's at work so can't help me. The house feels unclean even though it's tidy. I haven't even washed up yet and can't manage the hoover and all I can see is fucking cat fluff!

I am having a bloody bad day. I hate the cat, I just want five minutes without feeling like a milk machine today and for DS to sleep. He's managed three hour naps until today when I dared look forward to it!

Savannah13nbump Thu 22-Sep-16 16:12:43

I know baby's are so in predictable and naps sleeps can change on a daily basis for quite a while yet, I would not give yourself a hard time about cleaning and your title says it all its just one of those days your baby wants to be close to you and the pots might still be there tomorrow but does it matter when your giving your baby what he needs, today might be draining but tomorrow will be better, that's what I say to myself anyway!

fruityb Thu 22-Sep-16 16:17:37

Thank you smile I think it was a growth spurt. He's been loads better today and yesterday even. OH came home and made me feel much happier and today I've worked around DS. He's sleeping at the mo so I've got tea in the oven ready. Have managed to hoover, which he didn't even flinch at!, and got washing up done and such. Have just decided I need to ride it all out and just work with him. He sleeps well at night which is a massive bonus. The good outweighs the bad today.

We won't talk about the poonami I dealt with earlier lol.

Savannah13nbump Thu 22-Sep-16 16:23:25

Lol defintely my ds is 6 weeks and it's so crazy how different the days/feelings are, however I do think it's a good thing as the day after a bad day you feel so much better at little things like being able to hoover, your ds should be smiling soon and even on a bad day after hours of crying he will give you a smile and the day is forgotten it's crazy

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