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Not enjoying parenting my 8mo

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TheViewFromTheSheepSeats Tue 20-Sep-16 14:19:15

Our DD always has been an 'easy' baby- she slept well, eats well, was always happy to be put down and play alone for a while.

But over the last month I have been finding her really hard work- she is not walking or crawling independently yet- when on her stomach she can turn in a circle but not go forwards or backwards so 'swims' and whines.
DP started holding her hands so she can walk and now she wants to do this all.the.time - my back and knees are in bits.

If placed in a sitting position with her toys she will instantly flip into her stomach and get stuck- she can roll both ways but seems to have forgotten this, so needs rescuing.

She just wants to 'walk' all the time- her toys and books don't seem to interest her, she is teething a little but not overly grumpy, I just wish I could get five seconds peace.

I am well aware that all babies need their parents all the time at this age, I'm just finding it a bit of a struggle.

Part of my struggle is that she whines and fusses most for me, for example: she will allow my DP and all of her GPs to spoon feed her, she refuses to let me spoon feed her at all.
She self settles for my DP, all he has to say is 'go to sleep DD' and she is out like a light. I am finding the long days a struggle and I really can't wait to return to work in a few weeks (I feel a bit guilty about this)

I'm not entirely sure what the point of my post is, I think I just want to vent, and possibly be reassured that when she is mobile things will be easier.

TheViewFromTheSheepSeats Tue 20-Sep-16 14:21:54

I suppose I should add- DD has just been collected by my DM , who has her on Tuesday's to give me 'a break' (the break today consists of folding a weeks worth of laundry and blitzing the house, she also turned up four hours late) so I have the time to post this pointless whine on MN.

MrsHulk Tue 20-Sep-16 14:26:16

It's a tough age - she wants more entertainment and to be more mobile, but can't physically do it yet so moans!

Personally I never held my boy's hands to help him walk - there's no evidence it actually helps their development (if anything it may discourage learning to balance properly) so if your back is hurting you can just stop doing that without guilt. She'll moan a bit but at that age she'll forget about it pretty quickly.

It gets easier again once they're crawling and reliably rolling, as then they can get to the toys they want.

This phase doesn't last long!

Summerdays2014 Tue 20-Sep-16 14:28:08

My 8 month old son is exactly the same, down to the going round in circles on the floor and wanting to walk all the time. He also is an awful sleeper day and night. I've just posted about trying CC because I can't take anymore! I'm also finding it tough going. You are not alone.

TheViewFromTheSheepSeats Tue 20-Sep-16 14:31:05

Well I'm glad it will pass- I wish DP had never started mrshulk but there is no getting away from it now, she pulls up so if you don't support her she will face plant the floor a dozen times a day. It has definitely given her a false sense of her own abilities- she will just let go of things and plummet as she believes she can walk. Bloody DP.

TheViewFromTheSheepSeats Tue 20-Sep-16 14:31:54

chocolate and cake for you summers, it's tough isn't it.

MunchCrunch01 Tue 20-Sep-16 14:32:04

there's nothing wrong with wanting a bit more balance to your life - you say you're going back to work, that's good, so the end is in sight, can you ask someone to have DD for a bit of extra time (especially as she's so good for them) so you can have a proper break? I didn't enjoy ML particularly either time, the constant on-demand boredom of it.

TheViewFromTheSheepSeats Tue 20-Sep-16 14:39:55

The constant on demand boredom of it
That's exactly what it is munch, thank you for putting it so eloquently!
I would ask MIL (who will be having her one day a week when I return to work) but she is very busy and has lots of clubs and engagements of course I'm not jealous.
As you say the end is in sight, I did wonder if that is part of the reason I am finding it so difficult at the moment, because I am on a 'count down to adult time/a level of freedom.

I also can't help thinking I'm not the ideal mother-of-baby, I struggle to make her laugh with silly faces/voices and songs- but give me a 5 year old and they will be my best buddy!

MunchCrunch01 Tue 20-Sep-16 15:13:45

it sounds normal to me, don't beat yourself up - for the same reason the last bit of the post Christmas pre school holidays absolutely drag, you start to look forward to the return of some sort of routine, i used to enjoy having a peaceful coffee at work and adults to chat to. I'm not great at playing amusing games (loathe hide and seek), so now the DDs are older they have a lot of interesting toys and a huge range of crafts, books etc. I've found the further away from the baby stage we are, the easier I find it.

tankerdale Tue 20-Sep-16 16:13:29

Sounds normal and perhaps once you're back at work you'll enjoy the time you have with her. It is an annoying phase but will pass soon as it sounds like it won't be too long before she's independently mobile.

Has she got a push along walker thing so you don't have to hold her hands? There's the vtech walker with the activity thing on the front (I got one from eBay) see pic below or those wooden trolleys with bricks in

tankerdale Tue 20-Sep-16 16:14:32

Sorry - meant when back at work you'll enjoy the time you have with her more which is very normal and there's no shame in it.

Youremywifenow Wed 21-Sep-16 13:36:59

Have you got a jumperoo / bouncing thing?
My son loved his and 6 month old has just started on it, she's at the same stage of wanting to do stuff she can't and getting frustrated. Thankfully she loves it and I have my arms back for 20 minute bursts.
Allows them to be upright and burn off energy.

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